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Want to Keep Your Workout Equipment Clean? Create Your Own DIY Antibacterial Spray

When you’re working out for your health, the last thing you want is to be contaminated by your tools. Unfortunately, workout equipment in the gym and even at home could be crawling with germs and bacteria if not treated properly.After all, yoga mats, dumbbells, and other workout equipment are exposed to a high level of sweat and other body fluids. If not cleaned properly, these pieces of equipment would definitely become breeding grounds for bacteria.However, traditional cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals. These aren’t good for the environment, and their contact is also harmful to you.

The remedy these problems, you can make a natural DIY antibacterial spray. This way, you control what’s cleaning your mats and other workout stuff. Here’s how to whip one up right away:


Your tools for this DIY spray would include:

  • A bowl
  • A funnel
  • A 4-ounce spray bottle (preferably BPA-free or glass)


The ingredients are as follows:

  • One-third cup of water
  • One-fourth cup of witch hazel
  • A few drops of organic tea tree oil
  • A couple of drops of any essential oil for the scent of your preference


Mix witch hazel and water in the bowl. Add in the oils and make sure everything is blended well. All you have to do next is put the funnel in the mouth of the spray bottle and pour in the mixture.

How to Use

Once you have the contents in your spray bottle, be sure to shake it well before each use. Spray this cleaner on the yoga mat, the handlebars, or any other place that comes into contact with your body. Wipe off any excess cleaner and let the equipment dry naturally before packing it up. This cleaning should ideally take place before and after your workout or yoga session.

Other Options

If you don’t have witch hazel on hand, try combining half a cup of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda. Add in around ten drops of a disinfecting essential oil such as lavender, tea tree, or lemon. Add just the right amount of water to make the mixture suitable for pouring into a 12-ounce spray bottle.

The mixture should not fill the whole bottle. Fill the rest of it up with water and mix by shaking gently. Follow the same cleaning instructions as with the hazel mixture.

Benefits of the Ingredients

The ingredients used in these natural antibacterial sprays are chosen especially for their disinfecting properties. The added essential oils would also make for a wonderful scent, which you simply cannot find in bleach and most industrial cleaning products. It’s much more preferable to exercise with the scent of lavender than the smell of old sweat!

The tea tree oil is a special addition that can prevent the growth of fungus on your exercise mats. Witch hazel is also a well-known ingredient for fighting bacteria. With a cleaner using these ingredients, you’d have much less chance of contracting diseases like athlete’s foot and ringworm.


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