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Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Top 15

Everyone loves the summer because of the great weather and a huge number of things to do. But with all of the choices available, families often end up lounging in their homes, hiding from heat. Looking for fun, affordable ways to enjoy kids summer activities?

You can liven up your summer and make it so much better if you venture out into the world and start doing some fun things. Your kids will have fun, you can sneak in some numerous learning opportunities and all of you will be able to relax.

Learn more about fun things you can do with your kids in the summer!

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Cheap things

Great Ways to Keep Kids Cool on a Hot Day

Summer doesn't always seem so great – especially when the day is too hot for you to be able to even move, not to mention do anything fun. However, you can change that – there is a lot of fun in the heat.

Here are some things you can do with your children when the days get too hot; just remember to stay hydrated and apply sun protection before enjoying the day!

Make Fun Popsicles

Nothing better than a popsicle when it gets too hot. But instead of just freezing plain juice, you should try making your own fun popsicles with your children. Look up some great recipes and have your kids help you pick flavors. Try combinations of fruit, yogurt, even Nutella and let your imagination run wild with numerous ingredients.

Play Water Balloon Baseball

Playing sports on a hot day sounds like a nightmare but if we replace that ball with some water balloons, it can be really fun and refreshing. You can play any type of sport this way; try using plastic sports equipment if you're worried about injuries.

Water Painting

Get a bucket of water and some brushes and let your kids paint on the pavement, ground or anywhere else with just water. They can compete to see whose painting will evaporate the slowest or something similar. Even better, these things usually end with a splash battle!

Wash the Car Together

Let your kids wash your car and have fun. They can splash around with water, play with soap and you'll enjoy some free labor.

Make Something with Water

If your kids like building things and crafts, you can easily interest them in an activity of building something that will include water and having fun with it. Make a water wall or an outdoor shower or something similar.

Play With Water Guns

There is no fun in the hot summer day without some cool water. Why not use it in the best way possible and start a water gun war in your backyard?

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Cool

Top 15 Kids Summer Activities

Summer can be hard on parents who are used to having their kids at school or in kindergarten for the bigger part of the day. It’s not just that they are home all day but also the fact that they declare that they are bored a few days into their summer break.

However, the summer doesn’t have to be boring for you or for them. It can be fun, educational and you can have a healthy adventure with them. Spending time outside brings numerous benefits for both you and your children.

And it doesn’t have to feel like a job for you at all.

Make your kids’ summer fun and educational with some of these activities:

1. Visit a Botanical Garden

Your children can learn a lot from being in nature and having a close experience with different plants. A botanical garden is a great chance for your children to explore the nature of close and distant places and to possibly learn something new and grow a passion for gardening and caring for plants

2. Go to a Nature Center

Nature centers will provide you with another great nature experience. You can hike, see local animals and enjoy cool streams. Learn some more about the nature center before you go and then use the time you spend there to teach your children new things about the center and its nature.

3. Splash Park

These are another great opportunity to have fun and many cities now offer these parks. This is the perfect place to relax and have fun in the sun.

4. Go to a Zoo

No matter their age, going to the zoo can be fun and educational for your children. There are several free zoos you can go to and some can offer a lot of value in knowledge and fun. Research the zoo before you go to make sure it's not an exploitative capture exhibit. Many zoos nowadays are respectful of animal rights and some only show rescue animals that can't be released into the wild.

5. Check Out a Local Museum

Museums have so many stories hidden behind their doors that it would be a shame if you didn’t take your kids there. Sure, it may not be their favorite things on the start but they will love it as soon as you introduce them to those fun stores. There are so many museums with different themes that you can enjoy them all summer.

6. Go to a Factory

Sure, this may not sound like a lot of fun right away but in reality, visiting a factory can be both fun and educational for your family. They often offer tours and gifts for people who go to the tour. You can choose some factories of things your children like or that you're interested. It can be fun peeking behind the scenes!

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Summer Break

7. Have a Beach Day

If you live near a beach, having a beach day is a given. Pack some healthy snacks, plenty of drinks and enjoy the water, swimming and sun.

8. Go to the Library

No better way to spend a few of those days during the summer than in a library. This is a free activity that will both educate and entertain your kids. Find out when the events are like sales, crafts, storytimes, classes and lessons are. There are probably many that you can enjoy so take your kids to this adventure as well. Each of you can pick out a book and read quietly with some fresh lemonade when you get home!

9. Find an Outdoor Movie

Summer is the perfect time to watch a movie outdoors. There are many big screen outdoor locations but you can also build your own in your backyard with some simple elements. Bring some food and some comfortable blankets and enjoy.

10. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Kids love shopping and choosing groceries. Plan your meals with the kids and then take them to the market and allow them to pick their favorite ingredients.

11. Take a Hike

There are numerous kid-friendly hikes that you can enjoy. This is another educational and fun experience that your kids will love.

12. Head to an Observatory

Take a night off and visit an observatory where you’ll be able to see the best view of the stars in the world. Find out which night is a free public observation night and let your kids experience the awesomeness of science and astronomy, as well as the beauty of the universe.

13. Visit Local Historical Monuments

Take a field trip to some of the most famous historical sites and tell your children about the history of those places. Every town has something they're proud of; your kids might even learn something new about their own city!

14. Go Fishing

This is a relaxing activity your whole family can enjoy. You can rent the equipment and spend some time on the water and in nature.

15. Spend Time at a Playground

Nowadays, playgrounds have so many activities that you’ll barely get to try them all. Take your kids to a playground and enjoy a fun day that you will want to repeat.

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Title

What are Some Fun, Cheap things for Kids to Do?

So, you want to do some fun things with your kids but you don’t want to spend a ton of money? Well, how about some of these great cheap or free activities?

Working farm

Teach your children all about farm animals and plants by visiting a working farm. You’ll probably be allowed to pet some baby animals, ride a horse, pick your own fruit or vegetables and so on.

Visit Museums

As mentioned, museums are a perfect summer activity because they are free to visit or very cheap and your children can learn many new things

Jumping Gym

These are easy to find and are very cheap as well. If you ask about discounts and wait a bit, you can get a really good deal and enjoy a wonderful day with your kids.

Go to a Dollar Store

Take your children to a dollar store and give them a few dollars to spend on stuff they like. There are numerous small toys, art supplies, books and so on. Your kids will love the freedom of choice and they will enjoy their new things too.


Bowling is not free but it definitely can be cheap and you can have an active, competitive day if you visit one of the bowling alleys.

Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Kids love eating out but it can get quite expensive. So, why not look for a kid friendly restaurant in your area and give them a healthy meal at a low price and plenty of fun on the side.

Have a Fun Bath

You can stay at home and have plenty of fun too. For example, make a fun bath for your kids with colorful bath bombs, soap paint or glow sticks.

Arts and Crafts

A DIY project with you may be just what your children need. Look up some activities online and buy what you need for cheap online or at that trip to the dollar store. For example, you can build a fairy garden or an outdoor movie theatre.

Stay Busy & Healthy All Season with Kids Summer Activities_Sleepover

Best Summer Sleepover Ideas

Do you want to throw an unforgettable sleepover party for your kids but are not sure how? Here are some great ideas:

  • Get matching fun pajamas
  • Throw a movie night
  • Create a popcorn bar for them
  • Allow them to camp indoors
  • Set up tents outside & hang Christmas lights from trees/patio/etc.
  • Create a themed party; let them help plan it
  • Throw a tea party
  • Set up a pancake bar with fun condiments
  • Make unicorn slime
  • Craft friendship bracelets
  • Cookie-making party
  • Pillow fights
  • Set up a small kiddie pool with glow sticks & play fun music

There are numerous other ideas that you can incorporate to your child’s sleepover party. Match it with their interests and likes and you will have an instant win.

That's our favorites for keeping kids busy during the summer. Do you have any fun kids summer activities that are sure to be a hit? Share in the comments down below!



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