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Joint FLX Review: Does It Work?


Joint pain seems to have no age limit. People both young – in their 20s – and old alike end up with suffering from inflamed joints due to overuse. The symptoms of joint issues, including stiffness, pain, and swelling, can become frustrating. You have to alter your lifestyle in order to accommodate those aching knees, shoulders, fingers, and wrists. Sometimes it seems as though this pain sets in overnight.

People tend to think that they only have two choices when it comes to dealing with joint pain. They either take pain medication (which has a number of side effects) or they give in to the pain and stop fighting it. Neither of these options is good. Thankfully, there’s another one that you may not have heard about – Joint FLX. This herbal supplement claims to be able to help joint pain. Does it work? We’ll review it here in detail in order to find out.

What is it?

Joint FLX is an herbal supplement that has been developed by Zenith Labs. The idea for this product stemmed from a woman named Nancy. She is from Anchorage, Alaska, and at the age of 62, found that she couldn’t enjoy any of her hobbies anymore. She used to bake, fix things around her house, knit, and even go fishing. However, her joint pain kept her from being able to move like she used to. Things, like tying a fishing line or bending down to put a cake in the oven, had become impossible. She felt like she was running out of things that she could do, and hated seeing all of the items from her favorite hobbies gathering dust around the house. So, she wound up seeking out a solution. She discovered something called cheddary baking yeast.

After this yeast helped restore her free movement and left her feeling like she could function normally again, Nancy took her discovery to Dr. Ryan Shelton, the man in charge of Zenith Labs. Dr. Shelton had helped numerous people recover their former lives by coming up with solutions to things like hearing loss and low testosterone. Of course, he was able to turn Nancy’s cheddary yeast into a supplement that just about anyone can take.


How does it work?

This product contains several important vitamins, minerals, and herbs that work together in order to reduce joint inflammation and pain. Joint pain is caused by two main issues – wear and tear on the cartilage that both holds your joints in place and prevents the bones from rubbing against each other – and inflammation that causes the joints to swell up and become immobile. Nancy’s cheddary yeast worked to restore cartilage while reducing inflammation. It took care of the problem.

The compounds that wound up in Joint FLX mimic that cheddary yeast. It contains niacinamide, which is a B vitamin that tackles both joint issues. It’s combined with Bioperine, ginger root, basil leaves, rosemary, turmeric root, MSM, NALC, and Boswellia serrata, also known as Frankincense. The effects of all of these herbs, vitamins, and minerals are meant to restore joint health and make arthritis sufferers able to move efficiently again.

Is there any research to back up the claims of the product?

Many of the compounds in Joint FLX are backed up by scientific studies. Let’s start with the most important one – niacinamide. In 1996, a pilot study was done using niacinamide. Its effectiveness on osteoarthritis was tested, and the results were quite interesting. A number of people in the control group (not the placebo group) were able to reduce the amounts of anti-inflammatory medications that they were on. This shows just how much improvement was achieved using this compound alone.

According to an article in Medical News Today, basil leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. They are also antibacterial in form. This means that if taken in the right amounts, they’ll kill off harmful bacteria while reducing inflammation. Basil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries now. One study mentioned on the Medical News Today website was done by the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology. They examined basil and found that it contained a compound called (E)-beta-caryophyllene or (BSP) that is good for treating arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. This shows that it’s an important part of Joint FLX.

In addition, the International Journal of Preventative Medicine published a 2013 study of the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger. Ginger root is included in this herbal supplement. That study examined people with gout and treated them with an extract made from ginger. Those patients showed quite a bit of improvement. Gout is arthritis related ailment that comes on suddenly and is caused by uric acid building up in a single joint on the body, such as in a toe or finger. This is an extreme form of arthritis. The fact that the scientists conducting the study received such good results is quite amazing.

Another component of Joint FLX is Frankincense. Many of the medical studies on Frankincense (which comes from the Boswellia tree) are a part of cancer research. The scientists who conducted them wanted to see if Frankincense would have an effect on inflammatory conditions that appeared as a result of cancer. They found that Frankincense oils and resins are indeed anti-inflammatory in nature.

Rosemary, another herb, was the subject of an anti-inflammatory study published by the Advances in Pharmacological Sciences journal. Rosemary was tested for efficacy against similar natural compounds, and it was shown to have worked just as well as the others. This means that it is another crucial part of this supplement.

What is all in the package?

Joint FLX is sold in bottles of 60 capsules. Each bottle holds a 30 day supply. You can purchase one single bottle, a package of three bottles, or a set of six bottles. The three bottle package is a 90-day supply of the supplement, while the six-bottle set will last for 6 months. You won’t receive any bonus products with your order.

Who is it for?

Joint FLX is designed for people who have joint pain. It’s that simple. As long as you’re over 18 and have the symptoms described by Nancy in the example above – pain and inflexibility – then you can take this supplement.  Initially, the product was created for older people, those in their 60s and older, who had pain. However, this type of arthritis can set in at any age, especially if you work at a job that requires repetitive motion tasks. That’s why the makers of Joint FLX decided not to place any joint restrictions on the product.

How can it help?

This herbal supplement is designed to reduce joint pain and inflammation. The compound in each capsule will restore your worn-down cartilage while reducing painful inflammation. The first problem makes your joints ache as your bones literally rub up against each other. The second makes it very hard to move like you used to because your joints are stiff and painful. Thankfully, Joint FLX is meant to help both problems at once.

What are the pros and cons?

As with many herbal supplements, there are a number of pros and cons. They include:


  • The “cheddary” yeast that inspired this product contains plenty of niacinamide, a B vitamin.
  • The product is made entirely in the United States of America.
  • There are scientific studies in place that back up the effectiveness of many of the vitamins and minerals in the supplement.


  • The supplement contains soy, which is a known allergen.
  • You’ll have to order your supply of Joint FLX, which means waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  • As with many herbal supplements, you’ll have to check with your doctor before taking it.

Who makes it?

This product was created by Zenith Labs, a company known for their herbal supplements. Among their other products are Blood Sugar Shield, BP Optimizer, Trim-14, Vision 20, and Meditation in a Bottle. Each of these was designed as a solution to a specific health ailment. For example, Vision 20 is for helping your vision, while BP Optimizer supports healthy blood pressure. The company is run in part by Dr. Ryan Shelton, who helped Nancy create a product that uses the cheddary yeast that she discovered. Dr. Shelton runs a holistic health practice in Kansas City, so he plenty of experience in this field. On top of this, Zenith Labs, whose tagline is “research-based nutrition” holds a certification from the National Sanitation Foundation. This shows just how dedicated they are to creating healthy products.

Our Final Thoughts

Based on the ingredients in Joint FLX, as well as the origin story and the company that produces it, we believe that this product is worth trying. It contains many important herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are known to help joint health, such as niacinamide, ginger root, and even basil leaves. Since the product is all-natural, it’s much healthier than chemical anti-inflammatory medications, many of which have side effects. If you want to purchase Joint FLX, you can do so here.


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