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Should Your Pets Sleep in Your Bed with You?

All of us want to cuddle up to our adorable pets when we come back from long hours of work. But letting them sleep in bed with you is a big no. You may feel that it is completely safe as your pet is vaccinated and bathed but it could have a lot of repercussions. Here are a few reasons why you should not let your pet sleep next to you.

Parasite Attack

You cannot always monitor what your pet is doing especially in the outdoors. It may get infected with parasite eggs or roundworms, and when it snuggles up with you or sleeps next to you, the eggs may come off and become attached with your pillow, sheet, or worse, your skin.


A large number of cases of people getting meningitis have been reported due to people kissing their pet on the mouth. If you make your pet sleep next to you, there are higher chances it may lick or snuggle up with you causing you meningitis. The closer you keep your pet to you, the higher chances you have of getting this disease.

Trigger Allergies

If you are prone to environmental allergies, make sure that your dog does not sleep in your bed. In fact, it would be better that it does not sleep in the room where you are sleeping. The pet dander is not the only thing that can trigger your allergies. Your pet might be rolling around in the dirt or wandering around who knows where. The bacteria attached to its body could be transferred to you. All this can cause serious allergies and make you sick.

Cat Scratch

A cat scratch could be more dangerous than you think. You are at a higher risk of getting a scratch while you are asleep and unaware. The cat scratch fever is often transmitted through licks, bites, and scratches from cats. Your chances of getting the cat scratch fever are higher if you let your cat sleep next to you.

Staph Infections

Animals can transmit staph infections to humans just like MRSA. If you think your pet’s mouth is clean and kissing it would not have any harmful effects, you need to think again. According to research, the saliva of animals is laden with bacteria and all sorts of germs. When your pet licks you out of affection, they transmit those bacteria to you.

Bubonic Plague

Cats and dogs carry fleas that may cause bubonic plague. Your chances of getting this disease are doubled when your pet sleeps with you in the same bed as you. The fleas attached to the animal’s body could be shed onto your bed sheet.

Final Thoughts

We all love our pets more than we like people, sometimes. But it is important to draw a line to avoid putting your health at risk. You can treat your pet as you want and shower it with appreciation but do assign a separate sleeping area for the pet.


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Written by Jacob Williams

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