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How To Make Your Own Natural Gatorade Drink

Gatorade is a popular sports drink but not every bottle is a sip of bliss. The Glacier Freeze is chalky and quite unpalatable. Rain Berry is perhaps just water and Lemonade is not very different from what you would make at home. Mango Extremo can be a mood enhancer for those in love with the tropical fruit. Cool Blue is artificial color Tangerine may be a little too fruity for some. Gatorade is sold in more than eighty countries and it is the fourth largest brand of PepsiCo. This is not a surprise for those who have fallen in love with Gatorade Fruit Punch, Citrus Cooler, Orange and Lemon-Lime.

The American sports drink is now a global phenomenon. The only bummer is the price. Gatorade is costlier than most sports drinks. Availability is also an issue. Many stores run out of the bestselling flavors and you are left with the less desirable ones to choose from. Since Gatorade is primarily water, electrolytes and sugar, with dollops of flavors, you can attempt to make your own natural Gatorade drink. That is only if you have a reliable recipe and the ingredients are readily available.

Ingredients for Natural Homemade Gatorade Drink

Take half a cup of orange juice, quarter of a cup of granulated sugar, quarter of a teaspoon kosher salt, one tablespoon of lemon juice and half a cup of water. These ingredients are for a quart of natural homemade sports drink.

Stepwise Guide to Make your own Natural Gatorade Drink

1.Warm the half a cup of water. Do not boil it. Add the sugar and salt and stir well. The sugar and salt must be completely dissolved. You may use sea salt if you do not have kosher salt. Do not use processed or extremely refined sugar. Use granulated sugar.

2. Add the orange juice and lemon juice to the mixture of water, salt and sugar. Stir well and then add some ice cubes if you want. The water should remain warm till you add the ice. This is to facilitate the fine blending of the various ingredients. You do not need a blender though. The ice is essential since you would not want a warm Gatorade, even if it is homemade.

3. Pour the drink into a bottle and shake well. If you have a small bottle, say sixteen ounces, then you would have two servings with the aforementioned quantities. If you have a quart sized bottle, which is what a standard Gatorade drink is, then this recipe is for one such serving. Your own natural Gatorade drink is ready. You may drink it straightaway or refrigerate it for later. You can make large batches and consume them over a period of time. Keep the drink refrigerated but do not let it sit unnecessarily. Make batches that you would consume in a day or at the most two days.

Tips on How to Make your Own Natural Gatorade Drink

Sugar and salt are always subjective matters. What you may find sugary might be bland for someone and the same can be said about salt. You may also experiment with the proportion of orange juice and lemon juice. Your personal preference can always influence the recipe. The proportionate use of the main ingredients has been determined after due experimentation. It is extremely easy to make a salty or sugary sports drink, a bland one or a strong blend. The trick is to find that perfect balance wherein you would gulp down a quart without much effort, feeling great taste and getting a generous dose of energy. You may experiment with other juices if you want to tweak the flavor. Do not use artificial flavors and sweeteners or any such ingredient.




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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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