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Figuring out what to eat for breakfast? The top 10 foods you should eat for breakfast!

Breakfast makes for the most important meal of the day! It is hence a bad idea to skip the first meal and get on with the day feeling enervated and lethargic. Ever wondered why you feel drowsy and inactive at work in the morning sometimes? Well, if you do, then you are probably substituting coffee with breakfast. Coffee does alert you, but it fails to provide your body with all of the much-needednutrients that are essential for your health.

Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast has several advantages. For instance, it can mitigate obesity, boost short-term memory, prevent the riskof diabetes and can give you a power-packed energy hike on a daily basis. Make note of the following essential foods that you must incorporate as part of your breakfast, regularly!

1.     Eggs

You must already be consuming eggs in one form or another. However, if not, then it’s time you switch to a fulfilling breakfast that contains a portion for eggs; poached, scrambled, or maybe boiled. This staple breakfast item can provide your body with ample protein and Vitamin D. The protein supply that you achieve from eggs is bio-available, meaning you can absorb it quickly and with ease.

More so, egg yolks are rich in choline that makes for an essential nutrient for the brain and liver. It helps with neurological development. As per recent research, consuming as many as 3 eggs per day doesn’t impact heart health, so it’s safe to consume with moderation of course!

2.     Oatmeal

Next up, it’s oatmeal that is a must-have in your daily breakfast. If you love your morning cereals, you should switch to oatmeal. Oats are rich in fiber called the oat beta-glucan that helps to keep cholesterol level in check.

In addition to this, oats are power-packed with anti-oxidants that ensure fatty acids remain intact without getting stale. Moreover, these help to keep blood pressure low and heart health at an optimum. One cup of oatmeal will supply your body with 6 grams of protein. Go for gluten-free options if you like!

3.     Greek Yogurt

Dairy is an important part of the breakfast, and yogurts are super-foods. With Greek yogurt, you get immunity enhancing probiotics. More so, calcium is yet another nutrient that this creamy yogurt comesloaded in. Relative to normal yogurt, this one has an additionaldosage of proteins needed by the body.

You can pair this plain, non-fat yogurt with fruit pieces and nuts of your choice and add that burst of taste and flavor.

4.     Berries

These are high in fiber content and provide a complete dosage of anti-oxidants. One cup of raspberries and blackberries each contain 8 grams of fiber. These are also low in calorie count, so with each cup, your body takes in no more than 50-85 calories, pretty reasonable right!

With antioxidants such as anthocyanin, these super-foods are beneficial for the heart, reduce signs of aging, help to prevent blood cholesterol from oxidation, mitigate inflammation and keeps blood vessels lining healthy.

5.     Grain Bread

If you are a bread type of person, then whole grain oatmeal may be substituted for whole grain bread options. Or you can go for wheat bread, whatever you deem fit! Carbohydrates are essential, and the best time to consume the necessary carbs is during the morning. However, the choice of right carbs is significant!

Whole grains provide your body with more fiber than white bread. More so, if you choose sprouted-grain bread, you might even be able to fight obesity by managing your metabolism better. It helps to increase GLP-1 production in the body and lowers blood sugar levels too.

6.     Coffee

Coffee alone does not help with maintaining a great health. It must be consumed with other breakfast portions from the likes of berries, bread, cereal, andeggs. It comes equipped with anti-oxidants that aid mitigation of diabetes and prostate cancer. More so, it strengthens the liver, allowing one to live longer. Just don’t overdo yourdaily cup of espresso with sugar cubes and cream. Go for skim milk if possible!

7.     Shakes/Smoothies

Shakes and smoothies may be your ultimate go-to each morning if you are not a coffee or tea person. Choose a protein shake, if your protein intake is low otherwise. Not only does protein preserve muscle mass, but it also helps to keep blood sugar levels in check. More so, these shakes tend to quite fulfilling, so you could avoid those untimely munching in the office that brings fat and regret!

As for smoothie options, you can choose to make a yogurt smoothie with your favorite fruit or nuts. For a healthier alternative, you can also add vegetables toyour smoothie.

8.     Green Tea

If you worried about maintaining weight or looking to lose a few pounds, there is nothing better than green tea! It’s refreshing, ensures amplesupply of caffeine and enhances the metabolic rate. It’s healthier than coffee and helps to combat diabetes. Green tea contains ESCG, an antioxidant that secures the brain, nervous system and heart.

9.     Peanut Butter

If you like your breakfast to be rich and fulfilling, thena little peanut butter hurt nobody ever! 2 spoonfuls contain 8 grams of protein. So, here’s another way your body can get its daily protein dosage. Spread a little peanut butter on your grain bread and fix yourself a sandwich on the go!

Furthermore, peanut butter contains unsaturated fat, the good one, so treat your taste buds every morning!

10.  Flaxseed

These are an essentialsource of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber,andlignan; so sprinkle it on yourcereal or add into a smoothie each morning. 2 tablespoons contain 100 percent of the requireddose of heart-healthy fats.

However, be sure to get your hands on ground flaxseeds or grind them well before consuming as these can get tough with digestion.


So, if you have been skipping breakfast, you need to incorporate a few changes in your daily morning routine. Make sure you consume a healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast by choosingfroma few of these top 10 foods!


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