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Benefits of using natural toothpaste

Brushing your teeth seems like a daily mundane routine, and you will use toothpaste more than once a day. You may not even know that there is some harm in the toothpaste you are using – after all, you are just maintaining your personal hygiene. However, increasing numbers of people are turning to natural toothpaste, instead of conventional toothpaste. Conventional toothpaste is loaded with chemicals, as the warnings that it comes with will alert you (if you read them).

Some of these chemicals includeSLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) that gives the toothpaste its foaming effects – but it can also burn your skin in addition to irritating the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system. Another chemical is glycerin, which coats the teeth with a layer that is sticky and hard to remove, therefore preventing them from getting a proper balance of nutrients.

Instead of picking a conventional toothpaste, it is better to go for a natural toothpaste that cleans the teeth even better. Here are some benefits of using the natural substance.

Cleans the teeth safely

Teeth are not clean because of toothpaste – they are clean simply due to brushing itself. You simply need a toothbrush to remove food particles in your mouth, while the toothpaste eliminates bacteria that can cause gingivitis or tooth decay.

Natural toothpaste still seeks to remove bacteria, with the only difference being that it does not contain any artificial colors or flavors that have negative effects on the body.

It removes stains effectively

Manufacturers of conventional toothpaste will tell you that their product will eliminate stains, and you may believe this for some time – even being skeptical about the ability of natural toothpaste to do the same.

Natural toothpaste is effective though. It contains silica, a mineral whitening ingredient that occurs naturally, and it has greater effects on teeth brightening. They also contain baking soda, which also whitens the teeth due to its polishing effect.

It can still freshen breath

Since natural toothpaste uses essential oil ingredients such as spearmint oil, these freshen your breath better than a conventional toothpaste would. The advantage here is these are natural ingredients, all without resorting to chemicals or additives.

It is safer for children

When children are learning to brush their teeth, they tend to swallow toothpaste many times instead of spitting it out. If you are concerned that chemicals contained in conventional toothpaste will harm their health, then consider the switch to a natural toothpaste.

Natural toothpastes have the additional benefit of not containing laurel sulfate, while they also are free of fluoride, giving you many benefits to your overall health. Even if your young one swallows the toothpaste accidentally, it will not harm their digestive system or their body.

A natural toothpaste to consider putting on your list would be David’s Natural Toothpaste, which proves to be safe for kids, and is sulfate and fluoride-free.

Soothes swollen gums

In case you have any type of issue that relates to swollen gums, it might be challenging to use a commercial toothpaste because they are not gentle enough for your gums.

However, natural toothpastes are comprised of specialized natural ingredients such as Oregon blue-green algae that is biologically active, and works to soothe the gums while cleansing them for additional benefits to your health. You do not need to worry any longer about harsh ingredients.

They can stop allergic reactions

You may not be aware of it, but many people are allergic to certain chemicals in conventional toothpaste that they are not aware of. It is partly the reason why many people turn to toothpastes that are specially made for sensitive teeth and gums, although natural toothpaste can also sort them out even better.

Certain chemicals within conventional toothpaste can cause allergies or inflammation, especially Sodium Laurel sulfate that is very irritating to the gums, yet is a common ingredient in conventional toothpaste.

What should you look for?

It is important to consider the ingredients when shopping for a toothpaste. Ensure they promote the health of your teeth, freshen breath, and whiten or brighten your teeth.

When you start to use natural toothpaste, there is always a visible difference in natural brightening and the freshness of your breath, and the effects are not harmful either, both on your body and the environment.


Looking after your dental health is important, but it is better when you use the right toothpaste to safeguard the health of your teeth and your body as well. Make the transition to natural toothpaste and notice the benefits very soon.


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Written by Mizzy Sanchez

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