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How to naturally treat a burn at home

Both mild and severe accidents happen every day, and they are part of our lives. Burns is an example of accidents that everyone especially those who spend time in the kitchen gets once in a while.  They vary in degrees depending on how severe your burn is. You can get a first or second-degree burn that does not penetrate into the thick layers or a third or fourth degree which can extend to your joints. The severity of your wound determines if you can treat it from home or you need further medical care.


There are all kinds of treatments used to take care of a burn from the traditional modes that your grandmother may have shared to the modern techniques such as medicines. Modes like applying oil on a burn are stereotypes that have no scientific basis. This can make your skin continue burning due to its heat retention capacity. We will, therefore, teach you healthy ways of treating a burn from home naturally.

Use cool water on your burn

Run the burnt area with cool water and not extremely cold or ice water. This helps you feel less pain as it soothes your skin. Do this for twenty minutes and then apply a mild soap on the area. It keeps your burn from contamination of germs so that you don't get an infection. Avoid using strong soap that may contain harsh chemicals that can worsen your wound.

Place a wet cloth on your burn

Compress the area with a clean wet towel for about 15 minutes as you do it gently. If it is painful, you could use help from a friend. Cool compresses ensure that your burn does not swell excessively and also minimizes the pain. Gentle compresses prevent your skin from irritation.

Use white vinegar

If your burn is itching, white vinegar can help you soothe it. Vinegar has acetic acid that is good for the pain as it also prevents inflammation. It has antiseptic properties so that you don't get infected. You can use some cotton wool to put vinegar into your burn. Within few minutes the pain will disappear as the white vinegar attracts heat from your burn.

Apply an ointment

Fortunately, you can get cream that contains antibiotics at a local pharmacy to curb your wound from getting infected. Such ointments include Neosporin and bacitracin. Dress up your burn with a clean cloth to avoid exposing it to injuries as you move and also dust from the environment.

Use aloe vera

For fast healing, aloe vera is the herb to choose. Scientist reveal that the herb helps your burn heal fast as it prevents your skin from inflammation and swelling. Your injury will not be home for bacteria if you use aloe vera on it. Though there are many sources of aloe vera, we recommend that you go for the plant itself in place of products that include the plant. You cannot be sure of the concentration of aloe vera in some of these products. They may also contain additives that are unhealthy for your burn.

Apply honey

This natural sweetener can keep your burn from fungi and bacteria. Its pH balance makes bacteria feel unwelcome in your burn. It also facilitates healing of your wound and cools your burn. If you can't get aloe vera easily, you have an effective option.

Soak your burn in milk

Milk contains fat and proteins that are useful in soothing your burn. You can also choose yogurt to facilitate healing of a burn.  Soak your burn in milk for few minutes to get the cooling effect and receive hydration from it.

Use pain relievers

Sometimes, a mild burn can make you not sleep at night. A pain reliever such as ibuprofen would come in handy in such a moment. The problem with pain relievers is that many people seek for instant gratification. This makes them overdose on them to try and ease the pain. Observe the right dosage of your medicine.

Avoid disturbing the scar

A burn may take longer than expected to heal completely. Disrupting your blister can reverse the process as it can lead to an infection. If the scar caused by your burn is not appealing, you can always get treatments to conceal it once it is completely healed.

Final thoughts

You can see that in every natural remedy that we have discussed, there is a function outlined in it. These natural treatments have been tested and proven to work without affecting your burn. Therefore, avoid listening to stereotypes and apply our techniques for fast pain relief as well as recovery.


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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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