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Top Reasons to Start Taking Turmeric Today

Turmeric Feature

You can find turmeric all over the place. It is a popular spice in various cuisines. You can also just as easily find it in examples of holistic medicine. Coloring in cosmetics has depended on turmeric on more than one occasion. It has even found its way into a number of religious ceremonies. Also, sometimes known by its scientific name curcuma longa. It is also a member of the ginger family.

Due to its bright, appealing appearance, turmeric has been known as the golden spice. Some also refer to it as Indian saffron. You can find examples of turmeric use in dozens of cultures. The aroma is singular, and the flavor is celebrated by people all over the world. Keeping all of this in mind, it almost sounds too good to be true that it also comes with a host of health benefits.


The truth of the matter is that it does. As you will soon discover, there are numerous viable reasons to start taking turmeric today. We are talking about something with tons of advantages and no significant consequences. Native to the southwest of India, nd yet its reputation has covered virtually every corner of the globe.

Healthy Drink Golden Turmeric Latte In Glass Milk With

Stay Golden With the Benefits Of Turmeric

The chemical profile of turmeric is truly fascinating. Understand that turmeric contains more than one hundred different chemical compounds. It has been used as a method of treatment for everything from upset stomachs, to respiratory conditions, and even various anti-inflammatory benefits. It is this array of chemical compounds that gives turmeric such a unique reputation.

One of the most important elements found in turmeric is a substance known as curcumin. This is a polyphenol. They are organic-based chemicals that have been linked to powerful anti-inflammatory components. It gives turmeric the brilliant orange tone that people recognize, and it can be found in numerous other foods.

Within the turmeric root, there are a plethora of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and so much more. These elements and others contribute to a number of short-term and long-term benefits. The list includes such advantages as:

  • Enhanced immunity, which benefits you in a number of ways.
  • The ability to protect yourself against various diseases and illnesses.
  • Prevent more serious diseases from occurring later in life.
  • Ability to actively destroy various chronic disease cells within both your brain and your body.

These are just a few of the turmeric benefits that we want to cover. As you can see, turmeric has the potential to benefit your body and mind in the present. At the same time, it can also help to safeguard your body and mind against diseases related to aging. Amino acids and fatty acids are both highly prevalent in the turmeric root. It isn't hard to understand why cultures have celebrated it for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Powdered Turmeric

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Turmeric?

To be clear, the side effects of turmeric are fairly minimal. They are largely outweighed by the benefits that you can experience. At the same time, there is still much about turmeric side effects that need to be kept in mind.

For example, turmeric contains approximately 2% of something known as oxalate. If turmeric is taken at high doses, the oxalate can potentially contribute to kidney stones. However, this has only been found in individuals who are predisposed to kidney stones in the first place. A lot of issues with turmeric can come down to what you are using.

Some of the powders on the market are not just turmeric powder.

They have been filled with chemicals and other things designed to be fillers. These additives and other undesirables can naturally cause health problems. Cassava starch, cassava barley, and rye flour are among the additives that have been found. Food colorants have also been found in many turmeric powders.

All of this should be taken to mean the following:

If you are planning to take turmeric, make sure you do your research! Learn everything about both the product and the company. If you come across anything that doesn't list ingredients, avoid that product at all costs.

Minor digestive issues can occur through turmeric use. Minor headaches and skin rashes can occur, as well. However, these side effects are, to use the word again, minor. They are also quite rare, particularly with the skin rashes.

Now, let's take a look at how turmeric can help weight loss.

Turmeric for Weight Loss

How Turmeric Benefits Weight Loss

Turmeric can balance your hormone levels, boost your immunity, and help to digest what you eat and drink more efficiently. However, many people cite turmeric's benefits towards weight loss as its most significant advantage. There are a number of things that should be kept in mind to that end.

Turmeric has been proven to work wonders on our digestive capabilities. Keeping in mind the long list of organs and other elements that are crucial to your digestive system, it is easy to understand how so many different things can go wrong. That is why it is so crucial to make sure we get the vitamins, minerals, and other things our bodies need to function.

Given that turmeric contains many of those vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, antioxidants, it just makes sense that turmeric can work well with your digestive system.

It gets better.

As you will find, turmeric can also benefit actual fat loss, as well. Our bodies need a number of nutrients to burn fat safely and efficiently. You need to have a strong metabolism to start with. Your blood sugar levels need to be good, and you also need proper hormone levels. In other words, a lot of different things need to be going on.

You also need good communication between your digestive system and your brain through neurotransmitters. All of these processes are supported by taking turmeric.


Because with the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other features of turmeric, all of those processes stand to gain.

Taking Turmeric

Who Should Take Turmeric?

Just about anyone can take turmeric. Simply keep in mind the remote possibility of the side effects that we mentioned above. You are also going to want to make sure you utilize turmeric correctly. One of the nice things about turmeric is that virtually anyone can enjoy its benefits. There are just a handful of instances in which special care should be taken.

For example, if you take blood thinners, you will want to exercise minor caution. Certainly, you should discuss anything you are planning to do with a trusted healthcare professional. If you are taking anything to reduce the presence of stomach acid, you will also want to take care. Turmeric can interfere with certain drugs that reduce stomach acid.

Again, discuss anything you are planning to do with turmeric with a trusted health professional.

Forms of Turmeric

How To Start Taking Turmeric

We can now discuss proper turmeric dosages. It is important to take the right amount of turmeric. Taking too much can cause some of the side effects we discussed above.

The amount of turmeric you are going to take is largely going to depend on what you want to achieve. For example, if you are taking turmeric for its anti-inflammatory potential, then you are going to want the right amount of curcuminoids. While curcuminoids comprise just a small portion of turmeric, it is also ultimately where you get many of the benefits.

For anti-inflammatory capabilities, you want turmeric with roughly 500-1000mg of curcuminoids. In a single teaspoon of turmeric, there is approximately 200mg of the curcuminoids. This refers to fresh or ground turmeric.

Keep in mind that the actual amount can vary. It can depend on such factors as the source and origins.

So, what should you do?

Experts suggest taking enough turmeric to get around 500mg of curcuminoids in a single day.

This is a good starting point for just about anyone.

As time goes on, you can opt to include more turmeric in your daily diet. While capsules have been shown to produce good results, many believe turmeric is best consumed in your foods. There are also various wellness beverages that can utilize turmeric to a beneficial degree. To be clear, there is nothing overtly wrong with capsules. Just make sure to do as much research as you can on the company. If you can't find any information on the manufacturer or their ingredients, avoid the product at all costs.

Also, some believe that combining turmeric with black pepper can be helpful. The idea being that the black pepper makes it even easier to absorb everything the turmeric has to offer.


Tapping into Turmeric Benefits

Cooking with the spice is probably the tastiest way to enjoy the benefits. However, you may find that combining cooking with capsules is the right way to go. In the end, it is best to do whatever your body best responds to.

Good gut health is essential on so many levels.

Turmeric is an invaluable ally in getting what you need.



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