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Why eating a big lunch and small dinner will help you lose weight faster

You may have heard a lot about how to lose weight. Despite the many ways that are recommended, not many people touch on why your proportions during lunch and supper matter the most when you need to lose the weight.

According to findings conducted, eating late during the day leads to low glucose tolerance than eating early during lunch time. Late eating was also found to fasten the oxidation of carbohydrates.  This prevents your body from breaking down the carbohydrates fast. It is recommended that people eat a big lunch and smaller dinner to help you lose weight.

Our busy schedules have contributed to the amount of food we take during lunch time and dinner. We have to break the following lunch habits:

Spending lunch breaks at restaurants

If you are trying to lose weight, most restaurant food is not for you. It comes in large proportions consisting of lots of calories per serving. If you cut down on the bonding time with your colleagues at your favorite joint, you will start losing weight. Prepare salmon avocado poke and carry it to work.

Taking pre-packed lunch

Most of us assume that the sandwiches at the nearest supermarkets are healthy and contain few calories. Dieticians report that these salads may contain hidden calories that make you add weight. Instead of takeout food, you can forward your dinner to take it the next day for lunch. You can try Mediterranean chicken quinoa bowl.

Eating while standing

This is a lunch habit that is common among busy people who try to save every minute for their busy routines. Researchers report that if you eat while standing, you are likely to consume 30 additional calories than someone who is seated. Eat as you sit as you chew your food slowly to prevent you from swallowing gas. Those few minutes of eating as you enjoy your food will not waste your time.

Eating while working

Some people don't have time to go down and eat. They prefer eating as they work. This is also an unhealthy habit since your work acts as a distraction. It is hard to tell when you are full when you eat as you surf or go through your emails. Take some time to eat without getting distracted by work and enjoy your lunch break.

Using diet soda

Most of us think that the zero calorie sweetener is healthy for weight loss. Studies show that this diet soda makes you feel hungry within a short time. It leads to bloating and tiredness for your afternoon session. You can use lemon water from an infuser instead of diet soda which is healthy and suppresses your appetite.

What about dinner?

Take light dinner

For your dinner, you should be focusing more on resting than eating. The word breakfast means breaking your fast. This means that your supper should be more a fasting period than a munching period.

You should time your meals to go in tune with your body clock. It is hard for your body to manage high insulin content when you are asleep. Your body, therefore, stores this food as fat and encourages weight gain.

Eat supper early

Your metabolism during the day and night is not the same. If you take your supper late at night, it slows down your metabolism and coverts most of it to fat. If you take your light dinner early enough, most of it used up during the hours before you go to bed. It prevents it from getting converted since you are still active before bed.

 Avoid snacks at night

Doctors say that the ability of your body to utilize sugar changes throughout a day. Everyone has a body clock that should be maintained to prevent weight gain. As you make your dinner light, you should avoid post snacking.

Don't eat supper as you watch the TV

This is a habit that most of us love. It is unhealthy if you are trying to lose weight since you cannot tell how much you are eating. The TV acts as a distraction and prevents you from realizing when you are full. You end up consuming more calories at night without knowing it.

Bottom line

The phrase eating big lunch and small dinner is not a theory that has no scientific back-up. There are sufficient tests conducted to prove this. Feel free to check up some of the recommended foods to help you achieve this as you lose those pounds.




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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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