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Why cutting soda out of your life will help you lose 15 pounds in one year

Can you go a day without taking soda? This drink has a lot of sugar and calories that are unhealthy for us. Despite it being considered junk, at least half of the American population drink soda every day. Soda is a significant determinant of the amount of weight you gain from it.

How many calories does soda contain?

We are encouraged to take in fewer calories than we burn. This should help your body utilize the fat you take and convert it into energy so that it is less in your body. Getting rid of one drink per day reduces the number of calories you consume from it. A study reports that the daily consumption of soda among the US population translates to 567 calories per day.

Research shows 12 ounces of coca cola bottle contains about 152 calories. If you stop drinking soda for one week, you would be saving yourself 1050 calories. In one year, this translates to 15 pounds of fat. Do you notice the significant difference? We have not included some of the lifestyle changes like training, but only considered eliminating soda in your diet.

Is diet soda a safe alternative?

No. Diet soda may have fewer calories, but it still contains some harsh chemicals that are unhealthy for your body. Diet soda exposes you to sweet flavors that make it hard for you to adjust your palette to healthier foods. It will not help you lose weight since it still contains calories.

Some people try to replace soda with artificial sweeteners which are unhealthy for the metabolism. These encourage weight gain and make it hard to lose the extra pounds.

Apart from losing weight, can I gain more from avoiding soda?

Yes. Most sugary beverages are associated with the numerous diseases today. Cutting down on soda prevents you from conditions such as gout, diabetes and heart problems. Eliminating soda also give you strong bones as you receive sufficient calcium from your diet. Soda contains phosphate which is bad for your bone health.

Cutting down on soda also helps you control your appetite. Sugary beverages affect your blood sugar since they are digested quickly. This leads to an increase in hunger levels. If you cut down on soda, you can reduce hunger by slowing the digestion process.

Is there a healthy alternative to soda?

Yes. If you are on a diet, taking plain water is a healthy substitute. It does not contain any calories, and it is cheap and widely available. You can also minimize carbonation cravings with sparkling water.You can incorporate lemon juice to the water to add flavor to it.

You can also change the taste of plain water by adding crushed raspberries or cut cucumber. You can also slice strawberries to get a subtle taste from water. Alternatively try herbs such as cinnamon sticks, ginger or basil to rip from the healthy benefits of such substances.

Bottom line

Soda may be sweet, but it is unhealthy to your body. If you are trying to lose weight, start by cutting down one bottle a day as you replace it with the healthy alternative we have discussed. Getting rid of soda from your diet is the start of regaining your health.


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Written by Mizzy Sanchez

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