Top 7 reasons why you should think twice before letting your child play on a playground

There are unlimited numbers of health benefits when you allow your kids to play on the playground in the natural and open environment. At the same time, every parent should have to think twice before allowing your daughter or son playing on the playground because there are numerous numbers of playground problems available now days. Some kids with the attention and learning issues might have problems with the social rules and equipment of playground. Here are some of the reasons and problems of playground explained along with the suitable solutions.

Top 4 reasons to be careful in playgrounds:

  • Being bullied or observing bullying –
    The children with the attention and learning problems can be a target of bullying by some other kids. Bullying is somewhat different from teasing and it includes insults, name calling, exclusion, threats and sometimes even the physical violence. If your child is such kind of person you should encourage him or her to be proactive and approachable. As a parent, you have to be responsible to explain what bullying is and make sure your child knows she can do everything if she or he already experienced it. If your kid feels unsafe or some others are bullying him or her, you have to tell her it’s ok and walk away.
  • Don’t walk up the slide –
    It is really fun to see just how high your children can walk up the slide but at the same time it is dangerous to dive down the slide and the parent should keep your eyes targeted for her feet. With this main reason most of the parents don’t allow their kids to play on the playground. While going to the playground, you should instruct your kid to don’t walk up the slide for the safety purpose.
  • Being too aggressive with other children –
    Some of the kids has a lack of impulse control and also has trouble filtering what they do and say. They are playing too aggressive with other kids and they also have aggressive behavior in nature. If your son or daughter is such kind of kid, you should have to keep your eyes to forbid him or her from too forceful with others while playing on the playground. For such kinds of children, the parents have the encourage her to use only the words to handle the situation instead of using the body to communicate. At the same time, you should repeat the words like don’t hurt others while playing and be patient in all situations. You have to also encourage her or him nature of friendly behavior even from the younger childhood to reduce the aggressive behaviors.
  • Dealing with losing or winning –
    The children with the problematic impulse control and issues in regulating their different emotions will not easily accept their winning or losing situations. They feel too bad and even aggressive about losing and at the same time they might rejoice about winning while playing in the playground with other kids. If you have such kind of child, you have to tell him or her that you have to take any situation whether it is losing or winning easily. If other kid wins, you have to also enjoy it for them. If you are repeating these words frequently and also say OK feel good even about losing, you can easily build the best sportsmanship to take any result in an easier and sportive manner.

Other 3 reasons to think while playing on playground:

  • Not following directions or taking turns – On the playground, the children should need to share, take turns, follow directions and also communicate with others. Whether they are playing any type of organized game or waiting for their turn, it could be hard for the kids with the attention problems. This is because paying attention, waiting for the turn, and processing the information are some of the troublesome points for them. This is why you should have to show model taking gaming turns and sharing of everything while your kid is residing at the home. As a parent, you have to practice your child by speaking like your turn, my turn and listen to me etc in her or his understandable language. It will definitely help her or him to coordinate with other kids in the playground.
  • Not wanting to play with other children – Some of the kids doesn’t want to play with other children and they are always willing to be alone in the playground. While playing on the playground, there are several numbers of the social skills involved such as taking turns, sharing and joining conversations. The main reason why your child is alone in the playground without mingle with others is that he or she might not be sure how to ask to join the game or how to start the conversation with strange people. He or she might not understand when other children are inviting him or her to play. It can be very hard to develop the friendship with others. So, you should have the moral responsibility to encourage your kid and develop all of these skills in him or her. As a parent, you have to practice your child to say hi, can I join you to play the game? and can I be a new friend in your gang? or anything to develop the friendship with others. It will surely encourage him or her to say something while seeing the strange kids on the playground.
  • Teasing – Teasing is the most significant reason why some of the parents don’t allow their kids to play on the playground. Some of the kids are too aggressive when others say even the simple words for joking. It will be risky at some moments when playing any game with other kids on the play ground. This is why the parents have to explain the major differences between the friendly joking and teasing. It will be really very helpful to be always friendly with others while playing on the playground.


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Written by Chloe Ruiz

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