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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane

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Everyone loves a vacation. Holidays are the time when you get to unwind and take a break from your everyday monotonous schedule. Some of you might decide to go to other cities or countries as a holiday. If so, you might end up using an airplane to reach your destination.

While everyone loves holidays, the same doesn’t hold true for the mode of transport they use to get there. A lot of people not only hate traveling on a plane but also get sick every time they do.

Various studies have been conducted to find the correlation between traveling via a plane and getting sick. It has been found that people are at a substantial risk of getting ill when they are flying because of low humidity, sharing air with a large group of people and being in a confined space with them.

The increased exposure to electromagnetic fields doesn’t help the cause either. This is because EMFs are known to have an adverse effect on the immune system of the body, regardless of how less the exposure is. Therefore, you getting sick on an airplane is a real possibility. You should make a point of taking steps to avoid its occurrence.

Here are some of the best ways to avoid getting sick on an airplane.

1. Eat Well Leading Up To Your Trip

Your diet and health affect whether or not you can survive an airplane ride without getting sick. Even if you have a poor diet, try to change it in the weeks leading up to your trip. Eat natural and organic products and reduce your sugar intake. This is because a high amount of sugar can lead to a compromised immune system. Also, try to avoid foods that have additives or preservatives in them. Some natural-based products to add to your diet can be the following:

2. Prepare Food for the Trip

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can indulge in a cheat week. The least you can do is avoid junk food as well as airplane food when flying. This is because the more junk food you consume, the weaker your immune system gets. This exposes you to the risk of viruses and illnesses. Carry whole food supplements with you wherever you go or opt for organic snacks. Some options include:

3. Drink Water Before Boarding a Plane

You must do everything to ensure you are not vulnerable to diseases. One thing that attracts diseases and sickness like no other is dehydration. Make sure you are well hydrated before your flight. Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol as it has a dehydrating effect in your body.

4. Be Tactful About Which Seat You Select

When booking your flight, make a point of selecting your seat wisely. If you easily get sick on airplanes, try to find seats that are closer to the gate. This makes sure you don’t stay any longer than you absolutely have to. Try to avoid seats at the back since upon landing, a backdoor is opened in most planes. This exposes you to fumes of the plane that can cause motion sickness.

5. Dress Comfy

Most airplanes have ACs. Also, the temperature varies according to altitude. Regardless of how hot your destination spot is, dress in multiple layers for the plane ride. This makes sure you are comfortable and don’t end up feeling cold and, hence, sick. Moreover, while you might be tempted to use the pillows and blankets delivered by the airplane staff, we would advise you against it. After all, they might be carrying germs of the previous person who used them. Better safe than sorry!

6. Use the Available Air Vent

In a plane, above every seat, you can find an air vent. This allows you to expose yourself to filtered air rather than breathing in the same shared air. Direct the filtered air toward yourself so that it passes your face. This makes sure that all airborne bacteria stay away from you.

7. Use Masks and Nasal Screens

For some people, an air vent doesn’t suffice. If you are one of them, you can make use of masks or nasal screens instead. These are tools you should keep with you regardless and use them if you are onboard with a sick passenger. In places where a mask can raise an alarm, try nasal screens instead.

8. Sleep

Sleeping through your journey can reduce the chances of you getting physically sick. This is because it helps reduce stress and anxiety about the trip and allows your body to relax. Also, it ensures that your body gets used to the change in time zone.

9. Avoid Tap Water

The Wall Street Journal conducted research on the quality of water delivered by different international and domestic flights. The results it found were not good. Of the 14 flights surveyed, most of them had high levels of bacteria in their water. Rather than opting for plain tap water, take your own filtered water for the ride.

10. Avoid Touching the Tray Table

The tray tables in a plane are only washed once a day. If you are taking a domestic flight, that means the tray table has been exposed to a lot of people and bacteria. It is best to avoid touching them if you can help it. You can never know the type of bacteria they may be carrying.


Make sure to follow these tips. This will allow you to avoid getting sick and enjoy your vacations to the maximum.


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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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