Top 10 reasons why working out with your significant other can lead to weight loss

Losing weight is a quite complicating task that needs some time, effort and discipline. One of the best ways to reduce your burden is to simply go through the weight loss procedure with someone, specifically your spouse or significant other. The fact is that couples have a higher chance of becoming successful on a workout routine with their partner than doing it solo.

According to a recent study, when two people desire to lose weight and also support each other needs, they will obtain the best weight loss results. Losing weight is not achieved by consuming pills or counting calories, but as a serious lifestyle change. Below are the top 10 reasons for why working out with your significant other lead to weight loss.

Healthy competition

A small healthy competition can provide you playfulness into your relationship. By simply working out together can bring you a type of friendly competition. All you have to do is to challenge your spouse who can complete a routine workout first. Healthy competition will help because, not only it keeps your workouts a lot of enthusiastic, but also make your relationship very interesting too.

Assured quality time 

When having a job and/or kids, it can be difficult to spend time alone with your partner. Creating a workout plan with your partner will not only help you lose weight, but also let you spend more quality time with your significant other. Creating a 10 minute to 1 hour workout, will give you more time to spend with your partner.

Good sex life

When you are excising, Endorphins are released in your body that help you become happy and relaxed. In reality, feeling happy is one of the natural by products of exercises for people. However, the outcome of Endorphins can greatly support your sex drive that not only helps you when working out together, make you feel happy together, but also makes you desire each other as well. Along with this,  working out can also boost up your self-confidence and also make you and your partner have a good sex life and improve arousal feeling.

Incorporated responsibility

People who are very responsible in their work out routine are very likely to be more successful. The main thing is to find someone that is responsible as well to workout with and will be held accountable. If you feel that you are having a bad day or not feeling motivated, your partner should motivate you as well help you be responsible and not give up on your healthy lifestyle. This will definitely give you a close relationship and also guarantee you that you and your partner are in this together.

You will be more motivated

According to the recent study, couples who plan workouts together, can help you and your partner build encouragement and motivation for each other. Being motivated and encouraged during workouts can help you be successful in your new healthy lifestyle, while helping give positive energy to your partner.

Trying something new together can grow a new bond between you and your partner

As a couple, when you are demanding something jointly can positively gives you a closer relationship between each other. Whether you are doing yoga, skiing or surfing, trying something new is a wonderful way to bond each other. When the new experience submerged your brain with dopamine, they may feel a great experience and the brain connects a positive feeling with her or him.

Expand your emotional connection

According to psychologists, one of the best ways to feel an emotional connection with your spouse or partner is working a lot of nonverbal imitation. The nonverbal matching, imitation or mimicry is nothing but just coordinating your actions with another person.  In order to deepen this emotional connection, you can simply match your walking or running  to the same beat as your partner and so on. Hence, working out together will offer you a ton of excellent chances for the nonverbal imitating, which highly helps you as well as your spouse make feel more comfortable and also emotionally adjusted with one another.

Your workouts can be fun for you and your partner/spouse

One of the most exciting ways to pass your workout time a lot faster and making it more fun is doing with your partner. With your partner or spouse, you can raise your hearth rate by playing racquetball, basket ball or running. These workouts not only help you increase speed and energy, but also can make workouts fun and interesting without feeling the urge to quit working out.

A shared objective can bring the both of you closer

Love is nothing but, liking each others look or traits, but sharing and liking the same ideas and goals. In fact, having the same goals for each other can give you a closer relationship. Moreover, one of the awesome ways to have a healthy relationship between you and your partner is having a shared activity or a goal. When working out together, you are both sharing the goal by prioritizing your health fitness. This kind of experience can surely help you become much closer to your partner/spouse.

Your partner will be losing weight!

If they spend more time with their spouse, they will lose more weight according to a recent study conducted. According to the recent study available in Journal Obesity, if you are working out surrounded by people you know or a close, there is a wonderful opportunity to do the work outs in a most enthusiastic manner.


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Written by Jacob Williams

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