Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2019

As time passes, we resort to healthier options in diet and fitness routines. With discoveries that create awareness about the importance of a healthy and organic lifestyle, people have started to embrace such explorations. Last year’s fitness trends comprised of fermented tea, insect snacks and scooter commuting as opposed to work commute on buses, subways, and private vehicles. Do you know about the fitness trends sweeping the nation this year? If not, here’s a list of fitness routines that you might find useful!

1.     Exercise in 3D

Now, the fitness regimens have upgraded. From yoga studios with basic training, it has escalated to sound baths, spin studios and virtual reality in fitness. This has been tagged as ‘immersive fitness’ that helps to create perspective about using fitness to combat life challenges and difficulties.

Take your routine to the future as your fitness trainer takes you through a fun-filled and exciting journey. Blast through your workout with the aid of imagery, storytelling, tempos, and music. After all, it’s not just about fitness anymore; it has become more of an experience, where technology has managed to seep into the fitness industry!

2.     Mind-full Movement

As people embraced meditation in recent years, this year each workout begins with a mediation session and ends with yet another one of these sessions. This mind-full movement has been considered mandatory by some trainers as a method to improve cognitive functioning and mental acuteness. As a result, your workout will be more focused and you may see more results.

Now, you can find workout apps and audio workouts that enable meditation as short as 5-minutes. After that, you'll find yourself experiencing greater focus and less troubles, difficulties and stress elements. With your head space free of clutter, what could possibly stand in your way?

3.     Breathe Work

Your workout requires a willingness and fueling from within. It’s not just about the body anymore, it’s about the soul! Being in control of the body and mind has become essential for the novel fitness trends. This is where breathing comes in handy!

There are a multitude of breathing techniques that are commonly being used as part of weight-lifting workouts. You are required to exercise breathing in and out before and during lifts. More so, simple breath work while sitting and meditating is yet another common trend that has gained much acclaim!

4.     Boutique Boxing

Surrounded by stress, anxiety, and depression, people have realized the importance of boxing as a method of releasing all of these elements. Hitting a bag or practicing a few air punches is an easy and quick way for such release.

As a result, celebrities, models and now everyday people have signed up for studios to practice boutique boxing. More so, a large number of people have succumbed to this fitness trend from the comfort of their homes, by accessing programs like Daily Burn’s undefeated kickboxing.

5.     Infused Waters

Fitness spans aspects like exercise, meditation, boxing and daily intake of food and water too. Mint, lemon, ginger and coconut waters have been recommended and used time and again to stay fit and healthy. However, the recent trend has been towards infused waters. These come in forms such as alkaline water, plant water, cascara-infused water and electrolyte-enhanced water.

People have switched to these fitness infused waters as part of their daily routine, at work and workout both! Have you?

6.     Organic Diets

An organic diet is not a recent phenomenon. It has been in place for decades, and people have incorporated organic foods as part of their routine diet. However, the most recent trend is about plant-based diets. These have been applauded for bringing about several health benefits such as those identified below:

  • Lowering blood pressure levels,
  • Boosting energy levels,
  • Improving skin tone, health, and brightness,
  • Keeping heart risk and other potential diseases at bay,
  • Maintaining weight by increasing the metabolic

As a result, the market is now populated with plant-based diets to ensure greater wellness and health amongst people of all age groups, alike!

7.     Disconnect to Reconnect

As previously mentioned, mind-fullness is a step forward in the arena of meditation. Although this concept is far from new, it has now become main-stream. Further, there is simply more technology and inventions available for everyday use, such as smartphones. Sometimes, it can feel like you're always plugged in and this can quickly be overwhelming.

Applications such as headspace can be downloaded on one of these devices and you can meditate at home. Similar to what you’d be doing at a yoga studio, relax and enjoy guidance under the supervision of an expert. All from the comfort of your own home or whenever you need a break. Zen at the office, your car, or a local park. There are now greater venues, studios, and classes that provide meditation and memberships are surging in 2019!

8.     Traveling

This is not for leisure purposes only. The next time you pack your bags, be sure to reach for that gym bag!  It has also been called health-conscious traveling by some. Travel experiences are good for the body, mind, and soul. Forest breathing in Japan and silent retreat in India are now becoming part of this trend in other regions and countries across the globe.

Affordable hotels are making it easier than ever to access tourist spots and the tourism industry is experiencing an increasing trend of healthy traveling and the experience is like no other!

9.     DNA Fitness Testing

The long-held belief which should be called a misconception is that your genes determine your health through their history. Now that scientists have discovered that a tendency is there, but your genes cannot dictate risks that your heart, liver, or body in general are prone to simply based on family history or background.

More so, with DNA fitness testing, people can track their microbiome activity and customize diet and fitness routines accordingly. This has been aiding people with reprogramming genetic identity and make-up.

10.  Health Tracking

Have you ever heard of the Nike+ application? It’s one of those health and fitness tracking apps that keep you updated about your daily health alerts from the comfort of your smartphones.

More so, there are other fitness tracking applications available for both Android and iOS users that can be downloaded free of cost or maybe at a meager charge. These science-based applications have made fitness less of a fatigue and to top it all, they are accessible from anywhere at any time!


If you have not yet opted for these fitness trends of the year, it’s never too late! Get on with one or more of these trends, and achieve a  healthier and happier lifestyle. Further, encourage your family members to do the same. With more people cheering you on, you'll find achieving your goals is easier than ever. After all, there is nothing more important in life than you and your loved one’s health!



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