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The Top 5 massages that can boost your workouts

The word “massage” is often associated with spas and luxury gateways, but did you know that you could include them in your workouts. If you have been running for miles,then hurt from your feet the pain that follows can be excruciating. A massage can take care of the soreness and help your feet heal better.

A good massage helps in cells repair and reduces inflammation. Over time, your muscles adapt better to exercise.

You are probably wondering which massage is best for a particular workout regime like running, boxing, weightlifting among others.

This article will give you top tips that you can incorporate in your workout regime.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

You probably have heard of this type of massage when visiting a spa. Soreness in the muscles often begins in the deeplayers and this where deep tissues massage targets. Your body releases serotonin in response to the massage,andthis is mainlyresponsible for happy moods. It is a very relaxing massage as your massage therapist does all the work and you get to relax. Deep tissue massage can be quite intense as it targets both the deeps muscles and fascia. The difference between it and trigger point is that it focuses on the entire muscle in a selected body area. Deep tissue massage is often recommendedfor runners who engage in strenuous exercises that hurt their muscles.

  1. Swedish massage 

Thisis another popular massage that helps you to relax. In the procedure,the therapist makes circular motions around areas that you engage in strenuous activity. By using long, flowing strokes of varying pressure,it eases soreness leaving you feeling better. During the Swedish massage, blood flowsto pressure points and then releases muscle tension. You can try out the Swedish massage when you want your body to relax after strenuous exercises or before a big competition. Many runners who have a long race coming up tend to have the massage performed on them in between their workouts and the race. During this time the muscles will have relaxed and re-energized before the big race.

  1. Active Release Technique

Thisis massage technique popularly known as A.R.T is used to alleviate tension in the muscles and reduce deep scar tissue buildup. In the procedure,the therapist will use their hands to locate the texture of soft tissues and then use their hands to break up in pressure. In most cases,the therapist will use A.R.T to treat people with specific injuries like plantar fasciitis, hamstring injuries, andshin splints. You easilycan get this during workouts.

  1. Trigger Point Massage

In this technique,the therapist targets your muscle knots and areas where you are experiencing muscle pain. They will then apply some pressure on this sections, andthis loosens adhesions. Trigger point massageis similar to ART when it comes to treating injuries. You can use it for calf strains, IT band tightness, andhamstring injuries.

  1. Sports Massage

In this type of massage, the therapist will massage those areas that you use most during mobility. By doing this blood circulation is improved and you can break scar tissue. While you lie on the table, the therapist will use some lotion to execute hard pressure on these areas. Other benefits of sports massage include elimination of waste products from the body that then leads to a reduction in tension and soreness. Due to the technique used, you may experience some soreness after the massage.

Many people who have heard of deep tissue and trigger point massage tend to assume that the massagewill hurt, but this is not often the case when your therapist is experienced. It is vitalthat you schedule a day of rest in between the two massages. Find a nice comfortable table to perform the massage. It is obviousthat a hard surface will cause more problems than solutions. You might also bruise your knee in the process.


Having a regular massage should not be relegated to pampering yourself only, butyou can incorporate it as part of your workout regime. The massageenables your strained muscles to relax as blood starts flowing back to the regions. How often you decide to have one will depend on the time that you have between workouts and your budget. Do not neglect taking lots of water during workouts.


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Written by Chloe Ruiz

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