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Seeing the Same Doctor Over the Years Can Help You Live Longer

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Have you been seeing the same doctor your entire life? Is your family doctor the best thing that ever happened to you? If so, you might be one of the most fortunate people alive. It is stated that primary care is the first form of care many people receive in their lives. It can determine the likelihood of finding the right cure and receiving effective treatment for health problems. Researchers associate seeking the same doctor each time a person requires medical care with life and death. This is because of the continuity of care.

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Continuity of Care

Continuity of care pertains to the quality and level of care a patient receives from the doctor over the years. It is the primary objective of any medical center as it enables them to deliver the best possible healthcare services. It is directly linked with patients taking their doctor’s advice more seriously and following them so much so that they greatly trust their doctor's opinion.

The repeated contact between patients and their doctors has resulted in an increased mortality rate in various countries. Patients tend to trust their doctor's advice more in return due to the constant care provided to them.

Relationship Between Doctors and Patients

Receiving continuous care over a significant period of time lays the foundation for a strong relationship between doctor and patient. Patients are more likely to listen to their advice, which enables them to comfortably discuss health problems and open up. This relationship leads to the patients agreeing to receive evidence-based preventive medicines such as vaccines. They are more likely to follow recommended treatments without doubting their doctor’s judgment as they fully trust them.

It also gives the doctor a chance to get to know their patients better as a person and become fully aware of their conditions. This helps them recommend the most suitable treatment. Over time, they develop a better sense of value for their patients. It also gives them sufficient time to get familiar with their situation.


Patients have long known their choice of doctor matters a great deal. They can only reap the benefits if they are given the convenience of regular access to their doctors. Getting regular appointments is a particularly difficult task as doctors have a fairly busy schedule. In order to maintain the relationship, easy access to the doctors could be provided by making them reachable at all times.


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Since patients place so much trust in their doctors, it becomes the doctor's responsibility to give an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatments which provide the most benefit to their health. It is clear that the medical practice involves life and death decisions. This is why it is necessary to stick with ones trusted doctor. Staying with one doctor for a long time will even allow the patient to realize if their doctor has their best interests at heart.



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Written by Jacob Williams

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