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PEMF Therapy – Treatment to Help Relieve Pain

Senior Patient Receiving Electromagnetic Therapy

PEMF is the acronym for pulsed electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetic field therapy is not a new treatment, there's been over 60 years of reported clinical success.

While the technology was developed for medical use shortly after WW II, PEMF therapy for humans has been increasingly recommended only in the last ten to fifteen years. This is especially true in the United States.

So the question is…

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What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy is also referred to as LFMS or low field magnetic stimulation. The therapy is often recommended to treat tumors including glioblastomas, also known as brain tumors. It has also been used to promote healing with fractures. In addition, it's been used to help treat depression. The Food and Drug Administration approved PEMF technology over 25 years ago.

THe PEMF therapy of today is the product of various experiments over a period of a hundred and fifty years. It was long believed that electricity could be used for certain kinds of healing, including skeletal injuries. The modern version of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy dates back to the seventies when a team lead by Dr. Bassett experimented with a precise biphasic low frequency signal to heal delayed fractures. Around the same time, Surgeon Alan Dwyer experimented with electrical stimulation to heal lumbosacral injury.

There are many types of wellness devices available now. The first PEMF devices had the ability to create a magnetic field. Evolved versions of PEMF devices resemble a thick yoga mat. They use flat spiral coils to create the electromagnetic field, which is quite uniform. The devices use frequency generator to trigger the coils to produce the pulsed electromagnetic field. Personal and commercial devices used for PEMF therapy are labeled as wellness devices. Since they are used for medical conditions, be sure it's registered with and approved by the FDA before purchase.

PEMF therapy has been around for quite some time.

PEMF therapy machine

Surprisingly, many people do not know much about it.

It's not uncommon to come across doctors and even surgeons who are in the dark. Short of specialists, it seems this practice has been unheard of in mainstream treatment. There really hasn't been any major attempt by large pharmaceutical companies or healthcare brands to publicize this therapy.

It is a wellness remedy and not classified as a drug, surgical treatment, or medical procedure.

This treatment is more of an alternative approach to pain relief, dealing with stress and aiding recovery. The healing and recovery processes are not always categorized as medical treatments.

You may not find much help from your doctor if she or he doesn't already know about the benefits of PEMF therapy. However, there are tons of independent research papers published online and offline. Many studies, on animals as well as humans, have been carried out in the last fifty years. Patients safely rely on PEMF treatment to help with a variety of ailments. If you're unsure how to get started, try consulting a PEMF therapist. Ask your healthcare professional if they know someone who specializes in it. You can also try PEMF therapy at home with the help of a device.

PEMF therapy ring
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How Does PEMF Work?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is categorized as alternative healthcare.

It uses energy in the form of pulsating electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic vibrations set at pre-selected frequencies.

PEMF therapy has neurological and physiological benefits on the human body. The therapy uses specific frequencies to fine tune the mitochondria in targeted cells. This increases the mitochondrial efficiency in cells. As such, you're boosting cellular energy and reducing stress caused by oxidation. This treatment also facilitating detoxification. There are immediate, short term and long term benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF therapy benefits
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5 Benefits of Electromagnetic Therapy

  1. Better sleep.
    Those who have injuries and are struggling to recover often experience insomnia as well as other sleep disorders. Pain also makes hard for us to sleep soundly. Deep, restful sleep is crucial for cell rejuvenation and recovery. Sleep may remain elusive despite medication, in some cases. PEMF is not a treatment for all sleep disorders but it does help you have a more restful night.
  2. Enhanced agility.
    This therapy can strengthen the lumbar support and alleviate or manage symptoms associated with arthritis. In addition, it can help with other musculoskeletal conditions, even if they're chronic. Muscle spasms may be effectively managed as well. People often find range of mobility is improved.
  3. Improved coordination of movement or motor skills
    This is especially beneficial for people who have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. PEMF therapy can enhance quality of life for the elderly or those who are ageing and suffering from some common health conditions. Further, PEMF therapy is often recommended for athletes. Many amateurs and professionals use the therapy to improve their motor coordination.
  4. Increase endurance and strength.
    This is regardless of the level of fitness you have before starting treatment. However, those who are already strong and agile may see results more quickly. Of course, this may due to them just being more in tune to their bodies. For fitness beginners, PEMF is a great way to help you stay on track. Even people trying to jumpstart weigh loss can experience substantial boost to strength and stamina.
  5. PEMF therapy helps with recovery from various kinds of trauma.
    The trauma may be strictly physical or physiological. It may be psychological. PEMF has had promising success for those dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. Many neurological disorders can be managed more effectively with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. There are studies that have shown PEMF therapy to speed up recovery. Treatment doesn't take much time and can even be done from home. Due to the alleviation of stress and the neurological relief, PEMF therapy often elevates mood.

How much does it cost

How Much Does PEMF Therapy Cost?

It can be difficult to provide a standard PEMF therapy cost. There are so many variables than can affect the bottom line, such as:

  • Where you live
  • Choice of doctor
  • Purpose of your therapy (short term or long term treatment)
  • Duration of session and frequency

A session of half an hour may cost you around fifty dollars. Some treatment centers may offer session packages. Usually, people need several sessions to experience the optimum effects. The sessions are planned in accordance with your condition and the severity of symptoms.

It is important to note that most health insurance plans do not currently cover PEMF therapy. Hopefully, as the amazing benefits become more well known, this treatment will be added to many plans. If the cost of going to a center is out of your budget, an at-home device may be more your speed.

PEMF therapy is used by various types of doctors. General physicians, surgeons and specialists may use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Professional caregivers may also utilize this type of therapy for the ageing and aged, both at the residences of patients and in nursing homes.

PEMF therapy treatment
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Using PEMF Therapy at Home

It is not necessary for you to go somewhere for PEMF therapy. You can get a PEMF device and experience the benefits in your own home. Make sure to choose an FDA approved PEMF device made by a reputable manufacturer. Do not buy just any random device that claims to be capable of generating the required pulsed electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of con artists on the market. These devices are usually not cheap, with prices ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. Price is usually affected by size, range of magnetic field, and power levels.

Some PEMF devices can be hooked to your bed. The magnets need to be kept under the mattress. This way, the field can benefit your whole body. Most will recommend not to place the device at either the head or foot of the bed. Read the instructions carefully and place the device exactly where the manufacturer or your doctor has recommended. Your entire body should be directly influenced by the field. Usually, PEMF devices or magnets have a radius of three feet. This is sufficient to cover a person. No matter what position you prefer to lay in, you'll be covered. Simply turn on the device and relax. Any pets that sleep with you can also benefit, as PEMF therapy hasn't been found to have negative side effects.

For localized treatment, there are ways to make sure you're directed the field. Some PEMF devices are shaped like rings, so you can wear it around your knee, for example.

There are PEMF devices with single magnets. You can also choose one that uses two magnets or double magnetic systems. The latter does not necessarily mean you will have a stronger magnetic field. Such devices should come with a frequency range and you will be able to control it. The double magnetic system allows a user to choose two configurations. With this type of device, you can attain dual polarity. If you have trouble getting sound sleep, this will really interest you. The ring of dual polarity is considered to be more effective, helping you count those sheep even faster.

As with any medical treatment, you should closely follow the directions and seek attention if you experience negative side effects.

Have you heard of PEMF therapy? Let us know your thoughts down below!


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