Natural Sore Throat Remedies – How to Soothe Your Cough with Organic & Natural Treatments

How to Get to Sleep with a Sore Throat

Sore throats can be a real problem that seem to take forever go away. It’s painful, prevents us from swallowing and it prevents us from living our life properly. However, there are natural sore throat remedies available for you to try.

They can be your first response to feeling that you are going to get sore throat, act quickly when you have a big meeting coming up or be there to help you heal.

Whatever you need, read on for some of these natural solutions.

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Quickly

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Quickly

When you have a meeting or an important event and you just need your sore throat to go away, you are probably looking for some quick solutions that will help you immediately.

So, here are some of the examples of what might work for you:

Gargle with warm salt water if your throat is scratching you. The salt will pull the mucus out of the tissue and you will feel somewhat better.

Take a lozenge because they contain menthol and it can numb the soreness of your throat. This only provides temporary relief but it can be useful in a pinch. Candies can have the same effect because sucking on something increases the saliva production and it lubricates your throat. But, medicated lozenges can relieve the pain more effectively.

You can also try over-the-counter nonsteroidal medicines like ibuprofen or naproxen that will reduce your inflammation and swelling.

Have some honey or tea sweetened with honey because it can soothe your irritated throat. It will also keep you hydrated. Green tea, peppermint tea and so on are all great choices but the honey is the key because it can suppress your cough and work as sore throat medication. It also boosts your immunity.

Echinacea and sage spray can help you soothe your sore throat just as good as OTC medicines can.

Staying hydrated is very important when you have sore throat. You need appropriate saliva production for healing and getting better. Water, soup, warm teas all help as long as they are not too cold or too hot.

Moist air can help reduce swelling in your nose and throat and you should use a humidifier to increase moisture in your room. Leave it on over night and you’ll feel a lot better in the morning.

Taking a steamy shower can work just as well as humidifier but a bit faster. This is a good idea if you need relief really quickly. It can reduce swelling and help you feel better

Raise your head when sleeping with an extra pillow or two. It will help you breathe more easily and you will sleep better.

You can also get a prescription with your healthcare provider. It might be an antibiotic or another medicine.

Best Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Best Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Natural remedies are a great solution for pain, irritation and other throat issues. You have probably used these medicines before, given to you by your mom or your grandmother during childhood.

Sore throat doesn’t require a visit to the doctor’s unless it’s a symptom or related to a more serious condition. Still, it’s painful, may prevent you from sleeping properly (or at all) and eating.

Fortunately, home remedies are here to save the day.

Honey with tea or honey alone is a good household remedy for sore throat that you probably have somewhere in your home. It’s good for nighttime coughs, quick improvement of the swelling and pain and so on. It’s also an effective wound healer and it can speed up healing.

Salt water, as mentioned, is a great remedy both for quick fixes and for more long-term healing. It breaks down secretions and kills bacteria in the throat.

Chamomile tea is naturally soothing for the mind and the throat as well. It’s anti-inflammatory and has astringent properties as well. Some studies have shown that inhalation with chamomile tea can help with the cold, sore throat and so on. Drinking tea offers similar benefits. It also stimulates the immune system and helps the infection to go away.

Peppermint tea or peppermint alone can help with more than just freshening your breath. Peppermint contains menthol which is great for relieving pain in the throat. It also has some anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties that could help you. You can use it as an essential oil mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil and inhale it. Peppermint tea is, as you know, one of the best drinks for sore throats.

Gargle some baking soda mixed with salt water. This may not taste great but it kills bacteria and helps your throat pain. It also prevents the growth of yeast and fungi. Use every three hours or as needed. If the baking soda is too much, try just gargling with salt water. It should be warm and salty like the sea.

Fenugreek you might have not heard before of but it’s a good solution for the sore throat. You can use its seeds, topical oil or drink fenugreek tea as it’s a natural remedy for sore throats. Research shows that it can heal your throat and relieve pain as well as kill the bacteria.

Marshmallow root is another plant that can help because it has a soothing substance that can soothe your sore throat. All you need to do is add some dried root to boiling water and make the tea. Let it sit for a while so it can release good substances. Consult a doctor before taking this remedy if you have diabetes.

Licorice root can also treat sore throats. Research has shown that if you mix it with water, you can create a great solution for gargling. If you are pregnant, don’t take this remedy as it has been associated with a risk of pre-term labor.

Slippery elm is another plant that has soothing substance in it. When you mix it with water, you can get a gel that will soothe your sore throat. You can also get lozenges for your sore throat.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties that can help you heal a sore throat. It’s acidic so it will break down the mucus and help you stop bacteria. You can mix it with water and gargle it.

Garlic can help as well because of allicin which is a compound that fights infections. Take a garlic supplement on a regular basis to prevent viruses. It’s not the best-smelling remedy, especially if you plan on going out, but sucking on a garlic clove can help you with sore throat.

Cayenne pepper is a pain reliever that can help with sore throat as well. Take it with warm water and honey. Don’t take it if you have some wounds or open sores within your mouth because it can cause you pain. Don’t use too much of it because it’s really hot.

For children, you should use a humidifier, keep them hydrated and avoid lozenges or honey on young children. Babies under one should never have honey; wait until after their first birthday to offer this remedy. Kids four and up can use lozenges with supervision.

What Drinks Help a Sore Throat

What Drinks Help a Sore Throat?

Sore throat is your body’s natural defense system against bacterial infections. But, while it’s good for fighting off bacteria, it can create many problems for you.

Fortunately, there are some drinks you can take easily to help your sore throat.

Mix marshmallow root, honey, ginger and hot water to make a tea which will lubricate your throat, fight bacteria and help with pain.

Use sage and echinacea as a spray or add them to your tea for pain relief and healing.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is an excellent drink for sore throats but also for gargling – so, pick what you like more.

Salt water gargling will help you relieve the pain and break down some mucus while killing bacteria.

Honey is an excellent addition to your tea that can help you with your sore throat. You can also mix it with water and drink it like that.

Warm water with lemon is a great drink for sore throats because it can kill bacteria and help you with colds and flus.

Ginger root tea is an excellent remedy because it has antibacterial properties and great compounds to fight off inflammation.

Add some coconut oil to your tea or soup. It will help you because it lubricates the throat and helps it heal faster.

Drink some cinnamon tea because it can help you with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also add cinnamon powder to teas or soups.

Chicken soup is a traditional remedy your mom would likely give you when you were a kid. And she was right, it actually helps. Plenty of vegetables, warm, salty water and great chicken flavor soothes the throat properly and promotes healing.

Peppermint tea is another famous remedy for sore throats. It contains menthol which soothes a sore throat and helps with bacteria.

Chamomile tea is famous for its calming properties and it has been used for medicinal properties for a long time. It can help you with soothing sore throats as well.

Why it Gets Painful to Swallow

Why it Gets Painful to Swallow

Swallowing is one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to sore throats. For days, you don’t seem to be able to drink or eat properly. This happens because of the inflammation and swelling.

There is not a lot of space in your throat for food to go through and the throat walls are inflamed so it hurts when the food touches them. Try one of the remedies above.

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How to Get to Sleep with a Sore Throat

The irony of having a cold or a flu is that one of the best medicines is sleep but you can’t sleep because of coughing and sore throat. To sleep well, take some tea with honey or some raw honey, take a steamy shower, turn the humidifier on, pile up the pillows or try some cold medications.

Have you tried any of the natural sore throat remedies mentioned above? Feel free to share your tried & true remedies in the comments!



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