Natural Remedies For Neuropathy

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If you are looking for a natural remedy for neuropathy, you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll discuss the benefits of Cinnamon, Vitamin B12, and Cayenne pepper. You may even want to consider a warm bath! Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most effective and simple home remedies for neuropathy. Try them and see if they help! They might even help you to find relief from neuropathy in the long run!

Cayenne pepper

For those suffering from neuropathy, cayenne pepper is a natural remedy. Its heat and capsaicin content is known to reduce pain signals. Whether you use cayenne pepper in capsule form or as a topical ointment, it will ease the pain caused by this disease. You can also apply a high-dose capsaicin patch to reduce nerve pain.

In addition to treating neuropathy, cayenne pepper has many other benefits. It is a natural pain reliever and can relieve a wide variety of symptoms, including migraine headaches, back aches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and bruises. It can also be applied to the skin, leaving it on for hours. The heat from cayenne can also ease a number of aches and pains, including nerve pain.

Another natural remedy for neuropathy is aromatherapy. Essential oils such as lavender, thyme, and lemon can help relieve pain. Make sure to seek the advice of an aromatherapist or herbalist before applying any essential oils. A qualified aromatherapist will know which oils are safe for neuropathy sufferers and which ones can cause side effects. Likewise, if you are pregnant or have other medical conditions, aromatherapy is not for you.


Researchers are investigating whether cinnamon can prevent multiple sclerosis. In mice, cinnamon powder decreased the severity of MS. In the study, researchers used video evidence to show a dramatic change in mice that had MS-like symptoms. Cinnamon is a great natural remedy for neuropathy because it relieves pain and inflammation, and it can be soaked in water to form mucilage. It has been known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, as well.

Other benefits of cinnamon for neuropathy include lowering blood sugar levels, preventing nerve damage, and lowering the risk of vision problems and strokes. People with neuropathy may need medication to treat symptoms and manage pain. During the painful period, it can be difficult to exercise and function normally. Natural treatment isn't effective for every person with neuropathy, so it's important to consult with a professional.

Cinnamon is widely used in traditional medicine for digestive and respiratory problems. It was even used as a fragrant substance in ancient Egypt and was burned in funeral pyres. Even the Bible mentions cinnamon on several occasions. Cinnamon is extracted from the plant's inner bark. There are some potential risks associated with cinnamon, however. If you'd like to give it a try, take a look at these potential benefits for yourself.

Vitamin B12

Taking vitamin B12 as a natural remedy for neuropathies may be a good option for those suffering from painful conditions. Some studies have suggested that vitamin B12 can help patients reduce pain by decreasing ectopic nerve firing. It may also reduce the frequency and severity of painful symptoms associated with neuropathy. However, such studies should be performed in a controlled setting. For these reasons, Vitamin B12 monotherapy or a combination of vitamin B12 and folate should be considered for neuropathy treatment.

Before taking any supplements, talk with your doctor to find out if you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Blood tests will help determine if you have a vitamin deficiency, and a health expert will know how much of a supplement is appropriate. In addition to supplements, changing your diet can also reduce neuropathy symptoms. Diabetics should consider eating low-carb foods to prevent inflammation. Other healthy lifestyle changes include increasing physical activity and quitting smoking.

The effectiveness of vitamin B12 as a natural remedy for neuropathies is based on a systematic review of published studies. It showed some promise in the treatment of pain and neural growth in patients with peripheral polyneuropathy. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the effects of vitamin B12 and its interactions with other drugs. This systematic review of research aims to shed some light on these questions.

Warm baths

A warm bath is one of the natural remedies for neuropathy, as it helps increase blood circulation and reduce pressure on peripheral nerves. A warm bath should be at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as too hot can cause pain. Besides, regular stretching is also beneficial in this condition, as it can increase flexibility and reduce injury risk. Try one out today. We hope this article has provided you with some helpful information on how to relax and reduce pain with warm baths.

Epsom salt is an excellent natural remedy for nerve pain. This mineral is rich in magnesium, which is necessary to soothe pain caused by sciatica. You can dissolve a few tablespoons of Epsom salt in a bath and soak in it for about 30 minutes. The magnesium will help your body use natural painkillers and reduce the amount of swelling. Another effective natural remedy for neuropathy is Epsom salt.

Cooler temperatures also have a negative effect on peripheral neuropathy. As temperatures decrease at night, peripheral nerves can become more sensitive to pain and tingling. The body's heart rate will slow down as a result. The heat from a warm bath can help reduce pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. Other natural remedies for neuropathy include exercise and relaxation. If none of these seem to work, try another treatment, such as acupuncture. This ancient Chinese method involves inserting needles into pressure points in the body. This stimulates the nervous system and releases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.


Some of the natural remedies for neuropathy can also help relieve the symptoms of this condition. Exercise is an important way to improve blood circulation in the body, which can reduce the intensity of pain and numbness. Taking a warm bath can also reduce the intensity of numbness and pain due to neuropathy. However, hot water may not be comfortable for sensory nerves that are affected by neuropathy. Regular exercise also has many benefits, including improving your overall health and reducing the symptoms of neuropathy.

Daily checks of the bottom of the feet are vital in detecting problems before they get worse. It is important to check for signs of infection, foreign bodies, or calluses because these symptoms may go unnoticed until they get worse. Taking care of yourself is crucial to preventing hospitalization and losing limbs. One natural remedy for neuropathy is turmeric, which contains the compound curcumin. Turmeric has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation. Studies have also shown that turmeric can reduce the intensity of neuropathic pain.

Another option is acupuncture, which involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. This method is safe when done by a certified practitioner, as long as the needles are sterile. Other supplements for neuropathy include alpha-lipoic acid, which has been used in Europe for years. But it may cause side effects such as stomach upset and skin rash. Other herbs can reduce the intensity of neuropathy pain.

Red light therapy

There are many benefits of red light therapy. First, it helps to stimulate the production of nitric oxide. Not to be confused with the anesthetic nitrous oxide, nitric oxide is an antioxidant that improves blood flow and circulation. It also improves nerve endings by stimulating cellular activity. Ultimately, this results in more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas, helping to accelerate healing and reduce chronic inflammation. Second, red light therapy increases the production of nitric oxide, a natural compound that relaxes nerves and regulates blood vessels to promote normal nerve cell function.

Third, red light therapy is a noninvasive treatment that encourages nerve regeneration. As long as it is used properly, red light therapy can help improve neuropathy symptoms. It takes time to improve the condition, so patients should commit to daily treatments to see results. Also, patients should be consistent and engage in the treatments at least several times per week. Patients should write down their symptoms and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, they should be sure to check in regularly with their doctors to determine whether their condition is improving.

Lastly, red light therapy can improve circulation. In addition to improving circulation, red LED light helps reduce pain in areas affected by neuropathy. Researchers found that patients undergoing the treatment experienced 40 percent to 100 percent reduction in pain over the course of weeks. And unlike with other treatments, this treatment carries no side effects. People with chronic pain may be interested in trying red or near-infrared light therapy in their home.


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