Natural Dandruff Remedies – 7 Ways to Finally Banish Dandruff Naturally

Natural Dandruff Remedies

Dandruff plagues many people – yet so many of us feel embarrassed about our problem. It’s annoying and extremely hard to get rid of. However, don’t give up just yet because there are some natural dandruff remedies you can try. These inexpensive ways can help your scalp feel fresh and healthy again. There are also some practices that can help your scalp heal and remove all of the dandruff.

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Get rid of dandruff quickly

How Do You Get Rid of Dandruff Quickly?

Dandruff is a problem that keeps coming back. No matter how many expensive products you use, it just keeps appearing again, right?

The best way to get rid of the problem is to get rid of the cause of the problem.

For example, are you brushing your hair often enough? When you brush your hair, the follicles are stimulated and dead skin cells removed. Do you massage frequently? If not, you should. Too much time in the sun or living somewhere cold? This can also be your cause.

A common cause is also not rinsing well enough after shampooing. Poor hair care products can also be the cause. Poor lifestyle – meaning stressful, with little sleep and unbalanced diet – is a common cause as well.

Fixing any of these causes can help you get rid of dandruff permanently. However, if you are looking for some quick solutions, here are some remedies you can check out:

Tea tree oil – Mix some tea tree oil with your shampoo or conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing.

Mix yogurt with strawberries – Wear it as a mask for a while before rinsing. It’s a bit harder to rinse, be sure to work it all out. Shampoo as normally, making sure you're rinsing that out thoroughly as well.

Apply coconut oil – Use it as a mask for an hour or two before rinsing. After rinsing with warm water, use cold water because hot water can increase dryness.

Jojoba oil – Use jojoba oil the same way you would coconut oil.

Neem leaves – Make a paste from ground Neem Leaves and water. Apply it to your hair and rinse after half an hour..

Apple cider vinegar – Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar by preparing a solution with equal parts water and vinegar.

There is also a method of removing dandruff super fast without even washing your hair. It works lovely in occasions when you need your dandruff to go away quickly without waiting overnight or using a complex method that takes hours.

You need to sprinkle some dry shampoo on the areas where you have dandruff. You can also use baby powder. Then, take a fine toothed comb and drag it through your dandruff patches. Once you notice that the majority of the dandruff is gone, comb to style your hair as desired. Now you can get on with your day without worrying about dandruff. This technique also works great to help you stretch out hairstyles between shampoos, as excessive shampooing can make dandruff worse. Most people benefit from shampooing their hair between every other day to once a week or longer, depending on hair type.

Natural Dandruff Remedies_2 acv

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Get Rid of Dandruff?

Did you know that one of the best natural dandruff remedies is probably hiding in your kitchen? It’s apple cider vinegar, one of the coveted hair care natural products. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties as well as the ability to balance your scalp’s pH levels. It also cleanses and soothes the scalp.

Here are some of the best ways to use it:

Massage with vinegar – Take three tablespoons of ACV and rub it gently into your scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo. Do this once a week.

ACV and tea tree oil massage – Take three tablespoons of ACV and a few drops of tea tree oil. Massage it into your scalp and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing with mild shampoo. Do it once a week.

ACV Rinse – Mix 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1 cup of water. Rinse your hair with this mixture and don’t rinse with water. Repeat once every two weeks.

Chamomile tea and ACV rinse – Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV and 1 cup of chamomile tea. Rinse your hair with this mixture. Let your hair air dry. Repeat once every two weeks.

ACV and aspirin rinse – Mix one cup of ACV and 3 crushed tablets of aspirin well. Then, rinse your hair with the mixture and let your hair dry. Repeat once every two weeks.

Baking soda and ACV – Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of ACV to get a paste. Apply to your scalp by massaging. Rinse with cold water. Repeat twice a week.

Lemon and ACV – Mix ¼ cup of ACV, ½ Tablespoon of olive oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil and juice from half a lemon with a cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray your scalp thoroughly. Put your hair in a towel and keep it like that for 30 minutes. Repeat twice a week.

Aloe vera and ACV – Mix 5 tablespoons coconut milk, 6 tablespoons aloe vera and massage this into your scalp. Keep it there for 5 minutes and then rinse it wit one cup of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of ACV. Repeat twice a week.

ACV and honey – Mix ⅓ cup ACV with 2 tablespoons of raw honey. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Keep it like that for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. Repeat twice a week.

Natural Dandruff Remedies_3 natural remedies

Top 7 Natural Dandruff Remedies

If you ever had dandruff, then you know how hard it is to deal with it and how embarrassing it can be at times. But everyone has dealt with it at some point in their lives.


However, there are some natural dandruff remedies that you can use to finally banish flakes.

  1. Tea tree oil – It has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties and antifungal properties as well. It can block and remove bacteria. Put a few drops in your favorite shampoo and remember to leave it in for a bit before rinsing.


  1. Coconut oil – It has antifungal properties, it moisturizes and it’s easy to apply. Massage it in and leave it for as long as you can before rinsing with warm to cool water.


  1. Baking soda – It’s cheap and effective. It removes dead skin cells and eliminates oils. Baking soda can also balance your pH levels. Mix it with water and apply to your scalp. Then rinse, wash and condition as you usually would.


  1. Apple cider vinegar – It can change the pH levels of your scalp and has many other beneficial properties. Use it in any of the ways mentioned above.


  1. Garlic – It might not have the best smell, but it works like a charm for dandruff. Crush 5 to 6 cloves of garlic and leave it sit for 10 minutes. Then wash and rinse as usual.


  1. Olive oil – It can help any dry scalp and leave it hydrated. Massage it into your scalp and then leave it on as long as you can.


  1. Aloe vera – It’s a great way to eliminate dandruff because it has antifungal properties. Mix aloe vera gel with tea tree oil and then massage it into your scalp. Leave it overnight and then rinse with water in the morning.

Natural Dandruff Remedies_4 oiling_

Does Oiling Reduce Dandruff?

Oiling your hair is one of the best ways to get rid of dandruff. In addition, it’s a lot healthier and cheaper than all of the products. Find an oil that suits your scalp and use it to get rid of dandruff.

Here are some of the best hair oils for treating dandruff:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Natural Dandruff Remedies_5 scratching

Does Scratching Make Dandruff Worse?

Many people think that scratching dandruff is a good thing because it helps you get rid of all of the flakes. Maybe your scalp is so itchy, that you feel like you just can't help it. But, because dandruff is a mild scalp irritation, it can actually do you way more good to let it go and stop scratching.

Those flakes happen because your body is fighting the irritation – that’s why they appear. But when you scratch you cause even more irritation and your body works even harder to fix this which causes more flakes to appear. If your scalp is itchy, find a shampoo with zinc pyrithione that will reduce the itch. Do your best not to scratch.

Scratching leads to more flakes. It’s just a momentary relief that will make your scalp even worse. It can also lead to bleeding and infection. So, avoid it as much as you can.

You can brush your hair and exfoliate to get rid of dandruff but only in moderation because it can irritate the skin. However, it’s a good way to distribute oils through your hair. Just don’t overdo it.

Dandruff can be pretty annoying but it’s possible to solve with some homemade remedies. Just make sure that you are not doing anything to hurt your scalp and keep being consistent with the use of natural remedies.

Do any of these natural dandruff remedies sound like they'd work for you? Sound off in the comments down below!



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