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Medical Marijuana – The Answer to Chronic Pain in Senior Citizens

Who would have thought cannabis could be the solution to chronic pain? Well, it is! Medical marijuana is now being used to treat senior citizens suffering from chronic pain.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is usually obtained from the unprocessed marijuana plant. While these plants contain more than a hundred cannabinoids, not all of them will get the patient high. Only 2 cannabinoids are used for medicinal purposes. They can be used to treat patients with various health issues. Although marijuana has not been entirely approved by the FDA, the medical benefits it offers, especially to seniors, cannot be overlooked.

Medical Conditions Marijuana Helps With

Medical marijuana can help alleviate some symptoms and provide relief from pain. Here are a few medical conditions that medical marijuana can help with:

1. Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s can benefit from medical marijuana use. It can help with issues like depression and loss of appetite. These symptoms occur as the brain declines and may cause confusion in patients. More than 10 percent of aged people are suffering from Alzheimer’s and take medical marijuana to help cope with the symptoms associated with this disease.

2. Glaucoma

Glaucoma occurs due to the accumulation of fluids in the eye that ultimately damage the optic nerve. This disease is the major reason why a large number of elderly people get blind after the age of 60. The fluid buildup causes pressure in the eye, which is why it results in loss of eyesight over the years. Marijuana can help relief pain and pressure in the eyes for a few hours. The use of medical marijuana to alleviate pressure in glaucoma patients has been observed to be cost-effective than the use of eye drops.

3. Eating Disorders

The death rate in elderly people due to eating disorders is quite high. Almost 80 percent of seniors die because of anorexia and the psychological symptoms associated with it. Marijuana has been observed to help with eating and maintaining a healthy weight in seniors.

4. Arthritis and Other Pain

Joint pain like arthritis is quite common in old people. This affects the day-to-day functioning of a person and sometimes, the symptoms are too severe to bear. There are various creams, lotions and rubs that are infused with THC and are used to relieve pain. THC can seep through the skin and enter the targeted pain area to alleviate it.

How Is Medical Marijuana Consumed?

There are a number of ways medical marijuana can be consumed:

1.Topical Application

Marijuana is infused in creams and lotions for topical application. They help alleviate arthritis pain and muscle soreness. The topical application will not get you high and will only effectively target the pain area and provide relief.


Another way to reap the benefits of marijuana is to smoke it. Smoking can provide instant relief. You can smoke marijuana by using a smoking device, a joint, water bong or a long-necked pipe.


Marijuana can be used through sprays or droplets that help you control the amount you are ingesting. Just spray below the tongue to let it be absorbed by the mouth’s thin tissues. Although it is less effective than smoking, it still helps with the pain.


Consuming medical cannabis through a vaporizer is more expensive than through any other way. It does, however, offer instant relief. It would be best to start slow. Just inhale slightly and do not hold the smoke inside your lungs. In case you do not get the desired effect, go again. When using a vapor to consume medical marijuana, you would be required to preheat the vaporizer and bring it to the temperature recommended. However, this method is not recommended for senior citizens who may be suffering from lung diseases.

Although the use of medical marijuana is still debatable and certain states have banned the use of marijuana, it cannot be ignored as it offers relief from chronic pain and other symptoms associated with chronic diseases, especially for senior citizens. It is recommended not to go overboard and only use the dosage prescribed by the physician.


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Written by Wayne Parker

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