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MCT Oil Benefits


MCT oil is a supplement that you can add to a number of different items. Smoothies and salad dressing both can utilize MCT oil in some form. It can also be found in bulletproof coffee. Also known as medium-chain triglyceride, MCT contains fats from a medium-length chain.

They have been linked to several health benefits.

It is well worth exploring these benefits in greater detail. For example, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest that MCT oil can benefit weight loss.

Let’s explore that potential. At the same time, we can also understand how MCT oil can impact those who are also on the keto diet. The effects of MCT oil have generated a great deal of discussion and research. To that end, there are several things to keep in mind.

Effects of MCT Oil

What Are The Effects Of MCT Oil?

Due to having a shorter length, MCTs can be digested by the human body with ease. The benefits come through in terms of the way your body has these fats processed. It is typically taken from coconut oil, but you can find them in numerous other foods. MCTs can come from palm oil, various dairy items, and more. There are four different types of MCTs. Caprylic acid and capric acids are the most common to come across.

In some cases, certain benefits are tied to specific types of MCTs.

Unlike a longer-chain fatty acid, MCTs are noted for going straight to your liver. Once they reach the liver, they can be turned into potent energy to be used by your body. They can also be turned into ketones. These are substances created as your liver works at breaking down ample amounts of fat.

Why are ketones so interesting?

Unlike your normal fatty acids, they can move from your blood to your brain. In other words, you are giving extremely useful energy for your brain. Under normal circumstances, your brain would get what it needs from glucose. The calories that can be found within MCTs are more efficient at becoming energy. Because of this, it is less likely that they will be stored in the form of fats.

How MCT Oil is beneficial

What Does MCT Oil Do For You?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the effects of MCT oil in greater detail:

•Brain-boosting energy: As we mentioned before, MCTs can be converted into ketones that can cross your blood/brain barrier with ease. The end result is increased energy on a number of levels. We will get to MCTs and the keto diet in just a little bit.

•Improving exercise: When we exercise, our lactate levels rise. This can have a negative impact on your overall performance. MCT oil has been linked to lowering these lactate levels. This in turn can positively impact how hard you exercise. Obviously, this can lead to better results at the gym.

•Yeast/bacterial growth: MCTs have been shown to reduce the presence of yeast and bacterial growth. One form of yeast in particular has been known to cause thrush, as well as various skin conditions. Research has also shown that it can work against infectious fungi and bacteria that causes disease.

•Heart disease: As MCTs have been linked to weight loss, this also has potential with such conditions as heart disease. Keep in mind that MCTs can also reduce the presence of bad cholesterol in the body. This is of course another cause of heart disease.

•Blood sugar: MCTs can impact your body with respect to your blood sugar, too. As MCTs reduce the amount of fats stored, they also increase burning. One study even showed individuals experiencing a decrease in their insulin resistance.

At this point, we can really start to delve into MCTs and weight loss. This will also include what happens when you combine the keto diet with MCTs. While scientists are still studying MCT and weight loss, the results so far have been extremely encouraging. This extends to people who are currently using MCT oil to help them lose weight. There are a number of elements to this benefit that must be understood.

Weight Loss w MCT Oil

Can MCT Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Ultimately, all of this comes down to the big question:

Can MCT oil help me lose weight?

We understand the appeal and took a deeper look.

We have broken down MCT oil for weight loss into several key components:

•Lower energy densities: MCTs give our bodies ten percent fewer calories than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides). This breaks down as 8.4 calories for every gram with MCTs. With LCTs, the number is 9.2 calories.

•Increased fullness: Compared with LCTs, MCTs offered an increase in peptide YY and leptin. These are two hormones noted for reducing your overall appetite. At the same time, they can also improve your ability to feel full more quickly.

•Storing fat: Remember that MCTs are absorbed and utilized more quickly than LCTs. Because of this, it is less likely that MCTs will be stored as fat in your body.

•Burning calories: Specifically, with C8s and C10s, MCTs have been linked to a powerful calorie-burning benefit. It is believed that they can enhance the ability of the body to burn calories more quickly and efficiently.

•Fat loss potential: A diet high in MCTs seems to have greater fat-burning potential than a diet which emphasizes LCTs. However, there is some concern that the body has the ability to adapt to that over time.

What does this mean for you?

There is a lot of very positive information linking MCTs to losing weight. The keto diet has been particularly popular, especially in terms of its relationship to MCT oil. The more you learn about the relationship shared by these things, the more excited you are likely going to be. The keto diet has already been highly regarded for its ability to produce powerful weight loss results. To that end, what do you think is going to happen when the keto diet is combined with MCT oil?

Keto Diet with MCT Oil

What Does MCT Oil Do For The Keto Diet?

The keto diet has been around for a while now. It has generated a great deal of attention for promising powerhouse weight-loss benefits with minimal lifestyle changes. While it is mainly based around restrictions, many find that the diet offers a great range of foods and drinks they enjoy.

A keto diet is essentially a diet that dramatically diminishes your carb intake. In doing so, it can potentially help you tap in to a wide range of benefits.

Reducing your appetite is one of the biggest keto diet benefits. The keto diet also produces powerful weight loss results early on. Also, it has been shown to increase the presence of good cholesterol in your body. You can even reduce your blood sugar to a beneficial degree. It can also improve your insulin levels. Some studies even suggest that the keto diet can help you lower your blood pressure. There is also a good deal of evidence to suggest it can help with metabolic syndrome. This is a condition with deep connections to obesity, heart disease, and more.

Ketogenic-Low-Carbs-Diet-MCT oil

What does all of this mean for MCT oil?

MCT oil can increase the production of ketones in your body. This is something we discussed earlier in the article. Many believe that taking MCT oil can actually help you to stick with keto long-term. It has been shown to increase your time in ketosis. MCT oil can increase your burning of calories. It can also stimulate weight loss in a powerful fashion. The keto diet promises similar results. Combine the two, and you will find yourself with an incredible opportunity to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and more.

When we are on the keto diet, we rely on proteins and fats for energy. The quality of such macros will play a big role in how your energy levels are defined. This is particularly true, if you are a highly active individual. MCT oil has been proven to boost your energy. MCT oil gives you triglycerides that move quickly to your liver for energy. They also transfer to the brain. MTC oil can help you to produce more of the things your body needs to burn, think, and move. It really is that simple.

MCT Oil conclusion

Should You Start Using MCT Oil?

MCT oil on its own can clearly benefit the body across several crucial levels. You can honestly benefit from MCT oil without ever trying the keto diet. At the same time, it is clear that the benefits of MCT oil are significantly enhanced with the inclusion of the keto diet. This is why more people are combining the two to achieve the results they have in mind. This is true for athletes and celebrities needing fast results. At the same time, it is also holding true for regular people from various walks of life. If you are already on the keto diet, strongly consider adding MTC oil to your daily routine. If you just want to improve your body’s functionality, consider taking MTC oil on its own terms.

How do you feel about MCT Oils? Could you benefit from taking them or have you tried pairing it with your Keto Diet? Sound off in the comments below!


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