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Make Your Exercise Fun By Making It More Of A Game

Most people need some motivation to exercise every day. Only a few people are naturally drawn towards their daily workout and would never miss it for anything in the world. They are in a way addicted to their fitness regimen. These people do not quit and they do not require any external motivating factor. Their motivation stems from the complete dedication and sincere pursuit to remain fit. Of course their well sculpted body and fitness accomplishments serve as sufficient inspiration. Others need to be motivated to start exercising and there must be some continued motivation to avoid quitting. Exercises, especially the same routines, would get boring at one stage and the lack of any further development serve as a disappointment. One must make exercise fun by making it more of a game. Here are some effective ways you can do so.

  • The first thing you should consider is playing a sport. Exercise does not have to be a jog every morning. This becomes another job or chore. You do not have to jog three miles every day or four days a week to remain fit. Play a sport of your choice, whenever you get the time or you can have a schedule. You can play a sport over the weekend. This cannot be a sport that is not physically exhaustive. You may go for anything from basketball to football, tennis to soccer. Golf is not really that exhausting. Squash is a good option. Swimming is great.

  • Cardio workouts are quintessential to losing weight, to enhance endurance and to remain agile. You cannot completely do away with jogging or sprinting. You may also consider long distance running. One way to make running a fun exercise is to practice relay races once in a while. You may go for a run with your friends or family. Similarly, you can invite a few active neighbors if you like. You may even make some friends at the park or along the route you take every time you go for a run. Relay races are fun and they are good exercise.


  • You may consider some alternatives to gym or running. You may do yoga. Pilates is an option. You can join a dance class. Mixed martial art is an effective and fun way to stay fit. You can try rowing if you have a large enough lake or a river nearby. You may consider kayaking, sailing or canoeing. These are all fun exercises. Some of these activities are more exhausting than others. If you think the milder exercises are not giving you enough of a workout, increase the duration or make the activity more competitive.

  • It is not always possible to go to the gym every day. There will be days and even weeks when you cannot squeeze out the time. You may also feel like skipping gym on days when you are down or simply do not have the energy to take a detour. Invest in an exercise bike and keep it in your living room. You are perhaps fond of watching something on television, maybe news or reality shows, fiction or nonfiction shows, movies or sports. You can always watch television and cycle on the exercise bike at the same time. If you have to spend an hour or two watching something, try to work out on the exercise bike for as long as you want or can. It is better to exercise than just lying idle on the couch. You can focus entirely on whatever you are watching. Don't feel like you need to be consistent with your speed on the bike. You will benefit as long as you are active.


  • There are some easy ways to regulate and change a sedentary lifestyle. You can buy a standing desk so you can work and yet avoid prolonged sitting. You can buy a height adjustable standing desk. This will enable you to sit down when you want, stand up when you like and you can position the desk at varying heights depending on your needs. For instance, you may set a height that is perfect for you to play scrabble or cards among other board games. Board games are fun but they can be played while standing. While standing may not and practically is not the same as exercising, it is still better than sitting or lying down.


  • Blend in some fun at your gym or wherever you exercise. Listen to your favorite songs, bounce and skip rope, use medicine balls and kettle balls, bring in some variety to your workouts, change your objectives for a few weeks, challenge your body and test your mental strength with exercises you have never tried before, use fitness apps to get relevant data that can motivate you and pamper yourself often with a massage so you feel truly rejuvenated.




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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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