Listen to some Mozart: why listening to classical music can improve your mind and body

Classical music is the best music genre and tool to overcome pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Listening to Mozart music could help you become healthier and smarter. There are many benefits of listening to Mozart. From pain management to enhanced sleep quality, classical music can improve these discomforts. Classic music is offering both mental and physical benefits. Music is often referred to as the universal language and it is the statement which is backed by both modern social observations and historical accounts. Mozart effect is the theory which is popularized by Dr. Alfred in the year of 1991 and it links classical music to the brain stimulus.

What is classical music?

Classical music is a form of art music which is rooted or produced in traditions of the Western culture that includes both secular and liturgical music. The word classical is mostly used to describe music style and it might distinguish music from the rock, jazz and other kinds of the contemporary styles. When it comes to benefits of listening classical music then it includes

Decrease stress levels

Listening to the peace of music might trigger positive chemical reactions in brain that is really useful to depression levels and minimize stress. Recent survey reports that act of hearing music are having excellent impact physiologically. Now a day depression is affecting most of the people globally. Soothing music is having positive effect on mind and it can improve person mood. Whenever you are feeling depressed, you can listen to some classical music because it can minimize symptoms of the melancholy and depression.

Boost brain power

It is the evident from different kinds of the studies that listening to classic music might have beneficial effect on human mind that include memory. Studies show that student can perform well in test when they listen to the classic music.  Classical music also raise IQ levels as well. In 2001, people who listen to Mozart’s Sonata for more than 10 minutes can improve their IQ levels by 10 percent. Classical music also has the capability to improve brain spatial temporal reasoning.

Promotes sleep

The majority of people are suffering from sleep related problems because of their work and eating habit. Classical music has the amazing power to relax and calm your mind which enables a more better sleep. One study noted that people with a sleep disorder could have a better sleep by listening to classical music rather than people who do not listen to classical music. While listening to classical music, you should have the volume low in order for the music to help you be calmed and relaxed.

Alleviates pain

If you are having physical pain like headache or body aches, listening to classical music can help with alleviate pain and discomfort. It can also speed up the process of healing tissue because classical music can distracts the brain from the focus of the physical pain.

Prevent degeneration and overcome anxiety

Hearing a piece of the classic music might enhance activity of genes which help regulate memory and dopamine secretion while reducing the neuro-degeneration. Anxiety is a common problem that millions are affected by it. Luckily, classical music has a  positive effects in minimizing levels of the stress hormone cortisol in human body. If you are a pregnant,  you might listen to classic music so you can easily get rid of from anxiety, pain, and stress.

Builds social relationships

Music is one of the best tools to connect with others. If you are feeling tired or stressed then you can listen to some classical music with your family members or friends so your stress can be reduced. Study by Porta, Bernardi and Sleight might be discovered that music with the slower tempo is really useful to regulate heartbeat.

Classic music for pregnancy

Classical music is playing important role in development of the baby brain during pregnancy and this type of the stimulation is also known as the prenatal sonic stimulation. It is offering amazing benefits to the pregnancy women which includes

  • Helps baby be born with the advanced abilities
  • Stimulate optimal development of the babys brain
  • Prevent depression
  • Helps with the mother be calmed and relaxed
  • Helps improve sleep

Makes you happy

The main benefits of hearing classical music is that maximizing dopamine secretions which is having ability to easing both depression and anxiety. According to the studies says that classical music tempo is quiet similar to human heart.

Benefits of the classical music for therapy

Classical music is mostly used to treat different kinds of the health issues such as

  • Spiritual or emotional crisis 
  •  Terminal disease
  • Developmental disorder 
  • Delivery and labor 
  • Loss or grief issue 
  •  psychological traumas

Remember,  not all classic music is same and it might vary from instruments, moods, periods, stories, topics and other backgrounds.  It could be used as the therapy to treat certain health conditions like everyday stress therapy, dementia therapy, Alzheimer’s therapy, sensory impairment therapy, neurological disorder therapy so hear some interesting and awesome classic therapy as per your desire.


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Written by Mizzy Sanchez

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