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Let’s get to walking! The benefits of walking every day that can help stimulate brain activity

If you thought walking was something that only had to do with fighting obesity and keeping unwanted fats away from your body, you are partially right. However, what you did not know was that the brain functions better if you incorporate walking as part of your daily exercise. Did you know that everydaywalking can bring about for your brain to function better than it already does.

1.Uplifts Mood

According to research walking can really uplift one’s mood, without one knowing it or even expecting it. This is largely related to walking being recommended to people with stress and anxiety issues, as walking can help to alter their moodand mitigate wavering mood swings.

When you are sitting idle, you are basically giving your brain an opportunity to think and there may be a hundred thoughts that can bog you down, that is basically what anxiety entails: over-thinking! Walking your way out of all these thoughts will give you an opportunity to put down mental stress.

It will invigorate your mood by acting like a mental tranquilizer and you might even find yourself feeling unburdened, fresh and energetic post a long stroll.

2.Improves Memory

Secondly, walking is good for the brain such that it improves your memory. Regular walking can help increase the size of your brain, which eventually leads to an enlarged hippocampus and so enhanced memory!

Brisk walking is found to have alerted the brain against deep slumber and helps you recall and remember things better. According to a German study, people who were allowed to walk on their steady pace demonstrated improved performance on challenging working memory. So, if you are forgetful and have a hard time remembering the important anniversary dates, all you need is regular walking!

3.Improves Cognitive Functioning

More so, walking helps to boost the critical protein levels in the brain known as a brain-derivedneurotrophicfactor (BDNFs). These are essential for the development of within-cellcommunications that take place in the brain. So, through walking, you are basically improving these communication lines, thereby enhancing your cognitive abilities.

Walking enables the release of calming and energizing hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine that make your brain willing to achieve more in a day’s time period. So, what better alternative to walking if you need a boost of energy for a long day at work?

4.Improves Blood Flow to the Brain

Foot impact is considered good for the brain such that it improves blood flowto the brain. Studies have proved this, and walking came out a clear winner relative to cycling. Heart health is closely related to the functioning of the brain so if the blood flow is altered, it takes a toll on the brain’s abilities too.

Obesity can lead to inflammation in the body and so does hypertension and glucose intolerance, all of which impacts the flow of blood to the brain, which may be regulated through walking. It doesn’t get simpler than this! Blood oxygenate vessels and while doing so it prevents from conditions like dementia, cognitive decline, cell destruction etc. Walking improves the flow of blood, and so it prevents from all of these aforementioned health risks too!

5.Connects you to Mother Nature

Alongside uplifting your mood, walking is a good way to connect with nature. The green is good and soothing for the eyes, the fresh air that you inhale can get rid of many toxins in the body and simply admiring the nature can provide your brain the elixir that it had been missing!

So, in case you did not have those scenic landscapes and views to appreciate outside of your house, don’t worry a little fresh air and green is all you need to put away negative emotions and energies.

6.Enhances your Creative Juices

Lastly, walking is beneficial to the brain as it allows you to think and unleash your creativity. Exceptionally great and renowned novelists and writers take most of their inspiration observing places, people, behaviors, and objects while taking strolls across different places.

Walking daily can really improve your creativity, as it allows ideas to flow since neural connectivity and plasticity in the brain are triggered.  When you are walking, you are letting your ideas to freely move around, you tend to remain focused and your surroundings feed you the much-needed inspiration.

Next time you feel yourmemory needs a re-boost or you need new and fresh ideas, then allow yourself to wander around for no more than 15 minutes and you’ll find your brain feeling better than it did while you had been curled up in that couch all day long.


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Written by Wayne Parker

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