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How Drinking Beet Juice Can Help You Stick to a Daily Exercise Routine

Beetroot has acquired the status of a superfood owing to its various health benefits. People who are worried about weight loss have increasingly voted for beetroot juice as the number-1 low-fat drink to consume in order to stay in shape and avoid all those unnecessary calories associated with other juices and drinks.

Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and powerful antioxidants. It is normally consumed whole, including the roots, as the roots are a vital source of many of the aforementioned nutrients. Moreover, beetroot is enjoyed both cooked and in raw form and is used in salads and juices. Here area few of the essential health benefits of beetroot juice:

  • Vitamin C is great for clearing out blemishes, evening out the skin tone and providing the much-needed glow to your skin.
  • Its various antioxidant properties such as betalains are used as anti-inflammatory compounds that can be used to cleanse and detox the skin. Methionine and glycine are used to stimulate the liver cells and prevent accumulation of fatty acids within the body.
  • It helps provide fiber for easy digestion and is a great remedy for constipation.
  • It helps lower the glucose level within the body and has been the choice of diabetics.
  • It provides the body with enough nitrates to manage blood pressure levels.
  • It has been used to boost energy and stamina of the human body, which is why it can prove beneficial for helping you stick to your daily exercise routine.

Beetroot Juice and Exercise – The Connection

According to studies, beetroot can aid with your daily exercise routine. How? Well, consumption of beetroot juice reduces the workload on the heart and helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, which means you can work out for a long time before your muscles begin to tire out.

Molecule nitrate is one compound that your body receives as a result of consuming beetroot. These nitrates can increase blood flow across the body by dilating the blood vessels. When the human body is put through a rigorous workout or exercise regime, fatigue sets in after a certain period of time. Blood vessel dilation can help the body delay this fatigue, thereby increasing both energy levels and stamina. This is why you can stick to your routine exercise more efficiently than otherwise.

In addition to this, nitrates become a source of many chemical reactions in the human body, which can, in turn, increase oxygen circulation across the body.

As previously mentioned, beetroot has several health benefits including giving a boost to stamina, which is triggered through the flow of oxygen across organs, causing a surge of energy within the body. According to a study, participants who drank beetroot juice before a competition could cycle for 16 percent longer than other cyclists.

Another cardiovascular fitness benefit to be derived from beetroot juice is lower blood pressure, which safeguards against potential heart diseases.

Post- or Pre-Workout?

If you aspire to give your body the stamina and energy required for a long exercise, beetroot juice may be consumed as a pre-workout energy supplement. However, consumption is recommended for post-workout sessions primarily because beetroot can offer the body essential anti-inflammatory compounds to cure muscle soreness and fatigue.

Here are a few organic product options that you can use with your daily exercise:

These pure organic fruit juices can be your ultimate workout partners for optimal results with more energy and upgraded stamina.


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Written by Wayne Parker


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