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GRS Ultra Review: A Supplement That Builds Cell Defense?


Free radicals cause a number of problems in the body. They are responsible for aging, vision problems, and plenty of other health issues. If you wake up every day and have a number of aches and pains, or have to take more than one prescription medication due to a health condition, then your issue is most likely due to these free radicals. What if you could stop them in their tracks? This is what GRS Ultra is designed to do.

The main benefit of GRS Ultra is cell defense. This supplement contains several compounds that will stop those free radicals by helping your body produce an antioxidant called glutathione. This antioxidant will halt the damage and begin the process of repairing your cells. The real question is: does it work? We’re going to give GRS Ultra a thorough review to see if it follows through with those claims. At the very end, we’ll let you know if it works as it should.

What Is GRS Ultra?

GRSULTRA-reviewThe creators of GRS Ultra believe that many health conditions are caused by free radicals in the body. In order to counteract these free radicals, they created GRS Ultra. This supplement is designed to be taken daily, and it contains several forms of a compound call glutathione.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that prevents cell damage. In essence, it creates a cell defense system. Studies have shown that glutathione can cure cancer, reverse some of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and even improve the condition of people with Cystic Fibrosis. It can also help improve arthritis, acne, the normal skin aging process, and arterial plaque. However, it’s hard to get enough of this antioxidant through a normal diet, despite the fact that it’s found naturally in wine and other foods and beverages. However, the creators of GRS Ultra found a way to get these cell defense benefits in a very concentrated form.

Who Makes GRS Ultra?

The company behind GRS Ultra isn’t exactly clear. However, the supplement was created by George Bridgeham. He created the supplement in order to help people rid their bodies of free radicals. There isn’t a lot of information on George Bridgeham available. The website explains how he came up with the ingredients for the supplement, although there isn’t a long backstory on why he chose to go down this path. What is clear is that GRS Ultra contains a number of compounds designed for cell defense.

What Does GRS Ultra Contain?

According to the GRS Ultra website, this supplement contains three main ingredients. Each is a very concentrated form of the antioxidant glutathione. The explanation from this cell defense supplement’s creator, George Bridgeham, is that he considered the number of foods that a person would have to ingest in order to have enough glutathione in their systems naturally. This amount wasn’t logical, so concentrated forms of it were necessary. After conducting some research, he came up with the three ingredients that now comprise GRS Ultra. They are:

SELENIUMSelenoExcell. This is a very concentrated form of selenium (yes, the main ingredient in Head and Shoulder’s dandruff shampoo.) When it’s ingested in a bio-available form, it will reduce cancer cells in the body. Apparently, George Bridgeham worked with a chemist in order to find a type of this mineral that the body could handle.

CYSTEINENAC, also known as N-acetyl-cysteine. NAC contains Cysteine. This compound is designed to create sulfur within the body. In order for the glutathione to work properly, it needs Cysteine. It works as a sort of booster for the antioxidant.

GRS-ULTRA-BLOOD-ORANGEROC or Red Orange Complex. This final ingredient is derived from three different types of oranges that are only grown in the Mediterranean. The volcanic soil that they grow in is what makes them raise glutathione levels in the body.

Combined, these three ingredients make up GRS Ultra. They are what make it work.

What Are The Pros and Cons of GRS Ultra?

GRS Ultra, like many supplements, has a number of pros and cons. These include:


  • It contains glutathione, an antioxidant known for its cell defense properties
  • The supplement consists of three different compounds that are the most concentrated forms of glutathione
  • It is good for people who want to feel better by ridding their bodies of free radicals
  • This cell defense supplement was created by George Bridgeham


  • It isn’t covered by many health insurance companies
  • It isn’t clear who manufactures GRS Ultra
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor or pharmacists before introducing any supplements into your diet

What Do You Get When You Order GRS Ultra?

Every bottle of GRS Ultra contains enough of the supplement for 30 days. This means that it constitutes 30 servings. You’ll need to take GRS Ultra every day in order to receive the most benefits.

When you order GRS Ultra, you’ll receive the number of bottles that you’ve chosen. You have your choice of ordering one single bottle (a 30-day supply), three bottles (a 90-day supply), or six bottles (a six-month supply.) No matter which size package you choose, you’ll receive two bonus products. These bonus products are books. The first is called Toxin Free. It’s a guide that explains how to rid your body of free radicals. According to the product description, it will explain how you can “detoxify and cleanse your body from these disease-causing agents.” It will also tell you how to strengthen your immune system. The other book is called The Anti-Inflammation Diet. This book will tell you what you need to eat in order to reduce your body’s inflammation. You’ll feel better, have less pain, and your arthritis symptoms will lessen. The first book usually sells for $37.00, while other is priced at $47.00, but you get both for free when you purchase GRS Ultra. The books are in ebook form, and you’ll receive a link to download them after you complete your purchase.

How Much Does GRS Ultra Cost?

GRS Ultra is a supplement that comes in bottles. There are several options to choose from, depending on how many bottles that you wish to purchase at once. These options include:

  • A one-month supply is $49.95
  • A three-month supply is $119.95
  • A six-month supply is $199.95

A one-month supply of GRS Ultra consists of one single bottle of this supplement. At $49.95 for 30 days worth of servings, that breaks down to $1.66 for each serving. However, the price gets even better if you buy more than a one-month supply. The three-month supply only costs $39.98 per bottle of GRS Ultra. This is roughly $1.33 for each serving. Last but not least, there’s the largest option – the six month supply. When you choose this option, you’re only paying $33.32 for each of the six bottles of GRS Ultra. This comes to around $1.11 per serving of this cell defense supplement.  On top of this, you’ll receive two additional books with your purchase. The payment for GRS Ultra is handled by Paypal. GRS Ultra also comes with a money-back guarantee. There is no time frame specified for this guarantee. The website simply states that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you just need to mail back the bottle of GRS Ultra – even if it’s empty – and you’ll receive a full refund.


Our Final Recommendation

After weighing all of the evidence, we think that GRS Ultra is a good way to become healthier. It contains a number of compounds that will help cell defense, thus making you feel better fairly quickly. If you are on prescription medications for doctor-diagnosed health conditions, then you may find yourself needed less of them. Some of the medical conditions that GRS Ultra has helped include acne and aging of the skin.

Even better, GRS Ultra doesn’t require any lifestyle changes. You won’t have to follow a specific diet or even start a new workout regimen. Instead, you just need to take your GRS Ultra supplements as suggested. They contain several compounds designed to help your body produce the antioxidant glutathione. Once this antioxidant has been introduced to your system, it will begin the process of cell defense, which will in turn repair any damage caused by free radicals.

If you’re ready to purchase GRS Ultra, then click here. Your cell defense and repair will begin when you receive your first bottle and begin taking this supplement. Don’t forget that you’ll also receive two bonus books with your purchase.



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