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Green Technology – Companies Working to Create a Better, Cleaner World

Green Technology

Companies that deal with green technology want to take as many opportunities as possible to show off their efforts and to persuade their customers to do something green as well. However, this effort is often met with silence. People are not used to living green. And in our busy lives, global warming, pollution and species disappearing can sometimes seem so distant that we often don't do anything about it.

Companies that are doing their best to help nature and our environment are challenged in convincing people to take action and embrace what they are producing.

Here are several companies that don’t rely on anything else but the true value and problem-solving nature of their products. Please note, none of these companies have sponsored this content in any way. These are simply a few companies that we think are in line with Natural Wire values; people doing great things for our planet as naturally and sustainably as possible. 

Sistine Solar

This company thinks that if someone installs solar panels that look great, everyone would want to install solar panels. They plan on placing an illuminated graphic layer on the solar panels so that it can display a color, logo or design of some sort.

Chai Energy

This company allows you to monitor your power consumption and gives you tips on what to turn off to save more power. There is a free app and all of your data is collected on a cloud. This can show you how much money you are spending and how much money you can save by upgrading to more eco-friendly power sources and appliances.


This company created the sonnenBatterie which turns electricity into something easy to understand and grasp the value of this experience by storing energy for when the prices of electricity rise.

Farmers Business Network

This company uses big data to help farmers monitor their crops. You can upload data to the database and compare your data to other people’s data.


This is a company that produces containers that can filter all of the trash and waste from the boats, yachts, and the street that end up in the ocean. The waste is recycled by the company later for new production of Seabins.


This is a company that shows its users how much water they are wasting and gives them handy solutions on how to stop wasting water.


Because air conditioning is expensive, SkyCool designed a series of disk-shaped mirrors which cool down under sunlight.

What is Green Technology and its Benefits

What is Green Technology and its Benefits?

Green technology is the kind of technology that uses both science and innovations in a way that protects the environment and for the purpose of protecting the environment. The main goal of green or eco tech is to protect and conserve nature.

Here is a list of benefits that green tech brings with it:

Recycling – It helps people manage waste in a way that would make that waste useful again.

Water purifying – Since the majority of the world’s water is polluted, green technology strives to purify it and provide people with healthy water.

Air purifying – It’s not a secret that a lot of our air is quickly becoming poisonous, in some places more and in some less. Green tech has a mission to reduce this pollution and clean our air.

Saving energy – Green tech is dedicated to conserving energy and using it in efficient ways. It encompasses all of the eco devices and appliances, electric cars and so on.

Helping ecosystems – Through the use of technology, these companies are replanting trees, cleaning ecosystems, preserving species and more.

Why is Green Technology Important

Why is Green Technology Important?

Green tech has gained popularity in the recent years because people can actually see and feel the consequences of their own wrongdoing. Resources are disappearing, species as well, and global warming is on the rise. But green tech is there to act in an eco friendly way that conserves and protects the environment.

Green tech isn’t just one technology. It’s rather all of the tech that is innovative and has a goal of helping our planet.

Green tech fights against all of the damage that humans have done – it replenishes disturbed ecosystems, comes up with new resources and provides our planet with a second chance at looking and being healthy again.

This is necessary because parts of our planet is dying because of pollution. Worldwide, more than one million marine animals are killed each year due to pollution in the ocean. Air pollution kills 2.1 million people. Our planet is getting warmer and warmer. All of these are areas where green tech can help and is actively helping.

It ensures that there are renewable and clean sources of energy that prevent pollution.

Solar roof tiles, invented by Elon Musk are glass tiles identical to regular roof tiles. These come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, but their main task is to generate electricity. Other examples are vertical farming and smart fabric.

So, what will green tech do?

  • Slow down global warming by reducing carbon use

  • Provides clean and eco friendly energy like solar and wind energy

  • Connects technology with recyclable elements – like recyclable computers made of sustainable materials

  • Makes the construction industry more sustainable by creating green buildings

Green tech is essential for our future. We need to reduce pollution and start living a more green lifestyle. Green tech can help with alternative power sources, biodegradable products, recycling technology, and sustainable buildings.

Top 7 Ways to Live Green

Top 7 Ways to Live Green

Most people don’t yet feel the complete effects of global warming and pollution, especially in more contained societies where pollution isn’t seen as a big deal. Thus, they are not aware of things that they could do to improve the environment. But these are small things, tiny steps that wouldn’t change that much of their lifestyle and that would seriously benefit our planet.

For example, instead of buying, you could borrow and reuse items. Clothes, devices, furniture items and so on are all durable and would be easy to reuse. You don’t have to buy new clothes for each child, but rather reuse the clothes your previous child wore. Then, you could buy second-hand furniture and second-hand clothes – this is cheaper and way more eco-friendly.

Each of us could do some simple things that make all the difference. While it’s great to hear about eco initiatives, you could start your own, small one, within your own home or neighborhood. Start an organic neighborhood garden. No space? Window boxes and unused lots can be converted to natural gardens.

Of course, governments and municipalities could make this easier for people if they made recycling easier and simpler for the residents. Most people feel like more could be done both in their own home and in their workplace but they also feel like the officials and companies could make this easier for them. Most people don’t know where or how to recycle and don’t understand how to change their life to turn it into a more eco-friendly one.

Here are some of the ways you could live a more sustainable life:

1. Borrow or buy second-hand clothes and other items. This is especially helpful for special occasions; haven't we all invested in that must-have outfit just to never wear it again? Loan it out to friends!

2. Don’t throw away your devices or electronics, recycle it responsibly.

3. Invest in more durable products; avoid purchasing one use items.

4. Mix your own cleaning supplies with ingredients you can find in your kitchen like baking soda, lemon or vinegar. These don’t pollute the water.

5. Use reusable water bottles; glass is durable and won't leach chemicals into your water.

6. Don’t use plastic bags; pick up cloth tote bags or ones made of recycled plastic.

7. Don’t get coffee cups in the coffee shop, bring your own ceramic travel mug.

Why do We Need Green Energy?

We have exploited our planet’s fossil fuels for decades. But, the overuse of these has brought our planet to the boiling point where we could all be in danger. Climate change that happens because of burning coal, fuels, petroleum and so on can be stopped or reduced at the very least by the usage of more eco-friendly technologies.

There is also only limited amount of fossil fuels available – and it’s running out. The cost of using them also increases. Renewable energy can solve all of these problems. Sun energy, water and wind energy are all viable sources of power that don’t do as much damage to our planet.

When we use renewable energy, we lower our dependence on fossil fuel and we reduce the overall cost of living as well as help save our planet.

How Can I Support Green Technology

How Can I Support Green Technology?

As an individual, you can support green tech in various ways. For one, you could get solar panels or another sustainable source of providing energy for your home.

These might cost a bit more at the outset but they are able to save you money in the long run and they will protect the environment.

You should also learn to use power management features on your devices so that they save power during the night or when not in use. You can set this up in the office and at home. Always completely disconnect appliances and devices when not using them. Rather than attending meetings and commuting to the meeting place, it’s better to start an initiative to hold meetings via Google Hangouts or other collaborative platforms. In the case this doesn’t work, you can take a bus or a bike or simply walk instead of driving if you can.

Use eco-friendly appliances and devices – ones that conserve the energy and save you money as well. You should also get a smart home which can turn off devices and power sources when you are not home, to conserve the energy.

Our planet definitely needs green tech. It can make a lot of difference and help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. Do the best you can to live green.

What are some of your favorite green technology companies or practices? Feel free to share your planet saving tips down below!




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