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Ginger & Coconut Water: Best Homemade Remedy for Stomach Aches

Stomach aches are some of the most common recurring pains that someone can experience. They are caused by a myriad of reasons and apart from some of the more serious causes such as ulcers and appendicitis, there are a number of simple reasons that can easily be treated through home remedies. These include irregular bowel movement, constipation and ingestion among some others.

There are many ways to treat these issues at home, but two of the best ingredients are said to be ginger and coconut water.


Traditionally, ginger has been used quite often by many healers and doctors to alleviate a large variety of illnesses such as colds and abdominal pain. Extensive research on it in recent years has revealed that it can also aid in the treatment of heart-related issues, colic and arthritis and even improve the body’s immunity against some viruses.

Ginger has now been proven to be an intestinal spasmolytic and a carminative. This means that it can appease the digestive system and also help with flatulence. It contains an active ingredient called gingerols, which scientists believe might be responsible for the anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract. More research is required for conclusive results.

While there is plenty of new data on how ginger can help with many diseases by preventive techniques, the most reliable information is available on its effects on the digestive system. One of the most notable qualities of ginger is its ability to curb and even eliminate nausea. This is called the antiemetic effect. As a result, ginger is recommended to those undergoing chemotherapy and pregnancy to reduce nausea.

Ginger is ingested in many ways to relieve stomach aches. One of the most common ways is having ginger tea. This can be prepared by taking a few slices of the root with its skin shaved off and adding it to a cup or two of water to be boiled for a few minutes. To cut through the bitter taste, many add honey instead of artificial sweeteners.

There are other ways of taking ginger as well:

  • Raw:All that is needed for this is raw, sliced ginger root with a little bit of salt that is to be chewed or added to meals.
  • Grated:Ginger can be consumed after being finely grated and added to lime juice after meals.
  • Juice:Blending ginger will give a juice that can be added to sugar/honey and warm water.
  • Ghee/Clarified Butter:Mix a teaspoon of ginger juice with a little bit of ghee and consume to treat stomach ache.

Coconut Water

Another ingredient that can relieve stomach aches is coconut water. Like ginger, it has quite a lot of benefits. It boosts metabolism, alleviates hunger pangs, replenishes the body by hydrating it and even helps reduce stress. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium and calcium.

Coconut water is found in younger coconuts, aged between five to seven months. Its nutritional value is still being explored by scientists and researchers, but results of previously conducted studies prove that it has a wide range of health benefits, both physical and mental.

Studies have found that coconut water can reduce nausea and vomiting as well as alleviate stomach aches by reducing inflammation of the stomach lining. This is possible because coconut water comes with an ingredient called tannin that soothes the stomach.

Tannin can also fight against stomach bacteria that causes stomach aches through infections and flus. Furthermore, coconut water can regulate bowel movements upon consumption because it contains fiber. It carries lauric acid that the body can use against bacteria when converted to monolaurin.

Other than the benefits to the stomach and bowel systems, coconut water is known for a large variety of health-related advantages. These range from fighting against diabetes and preventing kidney stones and tumor growths to relieving insomnia, stress and depression.

Hence, coconut water is an important staple for the human body and can do wonders to improve the overall quality of life. The great thing about coconut water is that it can be taken as is by either making a hole in the coconut and drinking straight from it or pouring it out in a glass and drunk when chilled.


These two ingredients can and have done wonders to improve the health of many. Instead of taking antibiotics and other medicines, incorporating these items into the diet will bring long-term benefits.


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Written by Chloe Ruiz

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