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Flower Power: 9 Flowers that are natural to eat!

Have you ever observed flower garnishing, perhaps in one of your favorite restaurants? Well, if you haven’t it might come as a surprise to you that your cherished roses, violets and dandelions are all edible! Yes, you heard it right!

Not only are these nature’s gifts ravishing to look at, but they come with many health benefits too if consumed! So, next time your salad has petals and blossoms in it for that extra burst of color, eat it! Here are 9 flowers that you did not know have ‘edible’ as one of their many features.


Lavender is used in baking, and this is not a new trend. It has been used in cooking for centuries now. These flowers have a floral, fresh, and sweet flavor that makes for a great ingredient in scones, jams, andteas. Owing to its strong and powerful flavor, lavenders are used in slightly lower amounts in cooking and baking. The smell can be over-poweringif too much of it is added to a dish!

It is also used to help provide relief for headaches, to improve sleep and supply calmness and tranquility to the mind!


This flower is also known as the flower of love. It’s usually used as the perfect gift, single or bouquet on anniversaries, valentines and date nights. However, the lesser known fact about roses; these are edible! Yes. They have been used as a flavoringin honey, jams, sorbet, anddesserts too.

Roses come in a variety of flavors and colors; all of which works well for taste and garnish. Flowers that come in dark-colored petals tend to be stronger in flavor. The white portion of the petal has a bitter taste to it, and so it must be removed prior to consumption or use.

3.Red Clover

With a red-purplish color, these small flowers are usually grown in wild areas. They come equipped with a slightly sweet tasteand make for great garnish in salads. As for the health benefits, these flowers can be useful in mitigating inflammation, and for supplying the body with vitamin C. They can be used to boost the immunesystem and reduce PMS symptoms in women during menstruation. Red clover petals are commonly used in teas to keep hormonal balance during the menstrualcycle.


These flowers are a source of vitamins A and C, and ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients such as calcium, iron, andphosphorus to the body. Not just the petals, but also their stems have been extensively used to heal cuts and scrapes. The milky content found in the stems has medicinal properties. While the dandelion flowers are sweet in taste; their leaves tend to be spicy and are often used to garnish salads.


Pansies are found everywhere you look during the summers! Also commonly known as heartsease, these flowers belong to the violet family and hence the predominant color! Their leaves are used in salads, soups, stews, andsmoothies, while the flowers are used largely for garnishing. You might have come across these flowers as toppings on a cake or hoursd’oevres. They come in a variety of colors; red, blue, white and violet.


Borage may be the surprising flower on this list. It comes covered in coarse hair, and the leaves are rugged and creased. With a subtle flavor, these flowers taste similar to cucumbers and lettuce. These have been used in teas, but the mild flavor qualifies it as a form of garnish on salads and others foods.

It is packed in fatty acids that can help to regulate metabolism and keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check!


Although considered weed by many, this flower is edible. A young bellflower has shoots that can be consumed as asparagus. The leaves are often used in soups, stews or in blanched form. They are also added to salads for flavor and color.

The roots taste somewhat like parsnips. These are usually consumed boiled, or these may be added to a blender with salt and oil to create parsnip potatoes. The scientific name for this purple flower is campanula rapunculoides.


Also known as AlceaRosea, these flowers taste mucilaginous. These are used to adorn salads; their petals are added to soupsand stews. The leaves may be consumed blanched or stir-fried. These are also sometimes used as wraps.

Hollyhock adds flavor to smoothies, and juices that are made from green, cruciferous vegetables. More so, their seed pods are consumed in ground form or sprinkled over cereal. The flower has edible roots as well, these are rich in vitamins B and C and calcium. You will also find other minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron in the roots.


These are a type of ornamental plants, and are available in a variety of colors; yellow, red, orange, purple and white. With a mild vegetable-like flavor, these flowers are basically a substitute for asparagus. They also come in a range of flavors; some sweet, some floral while others tend to taste metallic. Their petals are also edible and make for excellent stir-friesand fritters.

Final Thoughts

If you are somewhat convinced about the power inflowers andtheir edible quality, you could add these in your diet either as a garnishor to enhance flavor. You may choose to add these in teas, salads, and even your favorite smoothies! They have quite the piquant taste.


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Written by Wayne Parker

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