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Fat Burning Fingerprint Review: A Program That Activates Your Metabolism

fat-burning-fingerprint review

Notice a bit extra belly fat? Having trouble losing those pounds as you age? Are you exercising and dieting and just not seeing the results you want? Are you 35 or over, looking for a way to be healthier, and burn fat? If you worry about the health effects of body fat, such as hypertension or heart disease, addressing that extra fat may be of critical importance.

Geri was a 46-year-old mother of 2 with heart disease, chronic fatigue, and high blood pressure. She was looking at open heart surgery in her future. Then, thanks to the tips in Fat Burning Fingerprint, Geri lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks and an additional 61 pounds in less than 3 months. In this review, we’ll talk about the product, what it claims to do, discuss research on those claims and whether they check out, and pros and cons of the product. Then, we’ll make a recommendation and help you decide.

What is Fat Burning Fingerprint?

fat-burning-fingerprint avocadoFat Burning Fingerprint is an informational product meant to help people who want to melt unwanted fat, become healthier as they age, and find simple methods to better health that fit their busy lives. It’s a 3-week program geared toward your individual body.

Fat Burning Fingerprint is a program that will teach you:

  • An easy 3-minute morning breakthrough that activates a fat-burning cycle deep in your metabolism
  • One forgotten “naked nutrient” that flushes toxins endangering your heart, liver, and arteries
  • An “apple detox diet” and “tummy tightening tea” that will jumpstart your fat-burning metabolism

The product aims to provide you with a program geared to people over 35 with a specific metabolic glitch. This program is meant for busy people who can’t spend their days in the gym. This 3-week program is meant to show swift and lasting results and provides assessments to help you address your particular metabolic issues.

How Does it Work?

fat-burning-fingerprint Gary_WatsonFat Burning Fingerprint is the creation of Chicago trainer Gary Watson. His science-based background was delivering results with the hardest cases and he developed a reputation for helping men and women break through their metabolic issues and melt away stubborn body fat.

Using fat-burning strategies geared toward genetic issues activating metabolism, Gary designed a program that is meant to give men and women a simple routine that can support the shredding of fat. After witnessing his sister deal with dire health issues, he developed the program to help her and others in hopes that their lives might be changed.

This is a 3-week program. In those 3 weeks, the program aims to give you a simple fat-burning routine, tips for detox drinks and fat-burning fruits, and a “naked nutrient” that helps unclogs liver fat and energize metabolism. Also, there are some bonuses! Let’s check those out.

Fat Burning Fingerprint also comes with bonus gifts. There are two belly-burning gifts added for free. There is a template meant to activate the “7 Super Fat-Burning Hormones” that might double or triple results. And, there is the guide meant to warn you away from 3 foods. Gary Watson says this guide is critical: many foods doctors say are healthy, he says, actually ignite inflammation that endangers your health and clogs your arteries.

Who is Fat Burning Fingerprint Designed to Help?

woman-imagine-2Fat Burning Fingerprint is designed to help anyone 35 and over who isn’t achieving the weight-loss results they want with exercise and diet. We all struggle to achieve the bodies we want, and sometimes genetics and metabolism might play a role in weight loss, despite that exercise and calorie counting.

Gary Watson’s system is meant to assess each person’s individual metabolism. Anyone who uses the program for 3 weeks can potentially see swift weight-loss results. This product is ideal for anyone who needs something new and hasn’t seen desired results with exercise and diet alone.

Does the Research Support the Claims Made by the Product?

It’s important to us that we give you evidence to support a product’s claims. Informed consumers like evidence to support their purchases, and with something as important as health and weight loss, we want to help you make that informed decision. Let’s jump into that research, shall we?

Gary is a kinesiologist with 25 years of experience. He claims that diet and exercise alone won’t show results. That’s true.

bbd-doctorA study by Reuters Health showed that contestants on The Biggest Loser reported that all but one participant regained weight lost in an intensive exercise-and-diet program. Weight, on average, was back up to 290 pounds and body fat, down 28 percent during the competition, returned to 45 percent over time. In keeping with Gary’s claims, the study supports the idea that addressing metabolism is an important part of fat loss.

A 2015 report by Harvard Health addressed the issue of metabolism and states, also, that metabolism is a key factor in addressing fat loss.

This Mayo Clinic report looks at the importance of taking in fewer calories than you burn.

Metabolism is important. We have heard a lot about the importance of exercise and diet in addressing weight-related health concerns, and we were skeptical, but it turns out metabolism is key.

There is so much information out there with competing ideas of what works to address body fat and what doesn’t, so we wanted to look at the science, and it looks like Gary Watson’s program might be able to help with these problems. The Fat Burning Fingerprint’s aim of gearing programs to each person’s individual genetics and body is an important one.

As an example, Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, a specialist in integrative medicine, states that metabolic rates slow when you develop liver fat and triggers weight gain.

We want you to know that there is some scientific evidence to support Gary Watson’s claims about the Fat Burning Fingerprint. More research is needed in the specific results of the program, but the potential seems promising. There are certainly studies and science out there that point to the importance of addressing metabolic rates as you look to burn fat. It’s not just exercise and diet.

Pros and Cons of Fat Burning Fingerprint

Fat- and weight-loss products can do certain things and not do other things. Here are a few of the pros of the Fat Burning Fingerprint as far as we can tell:

  • The Fat Burning Fingerprint is a program meant to keep weight off. There is scientific evidence to suggest that Gary Watson’s focus on metabolism is an important one and worth addressing for anyone with concerns about their health after exercise and diet alone don’t seem to be working
  • The program is meant to address your specific metabolism and isn’t meant to be a catch-all diet like many others
  • The product claims to produce swift results
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee

What are the downsides to consider? Let’s see:

  • There is research to suggest that Gary Watson is on to something. More research should be done into the results of the metabolic focus and its effects on fat loss.
  • The downside to any weight loss program is that it’s not guaranteed. You might not lose seven pounds in the first week. Every person’s body is different. But, like we said, you have a 60-day guarantee. That’s pretty good.

The pros, and the research to support addressing metabolic rate, seem to outweigh the downsides here. And, with the money-back guarantee, there’s little risk in testing out Gary Watson’s system.

What’s Included in the Fat Burning Fingerprint?

The program includes a 3-minute assessment to help you figure out your metabolic type. There are simple, easy meal plans to help you eat based on your metabolic type. And, as we mentioned, there are those bonuses, such as the 7 Super Fat Burning Hormones guide and those 3 pesky foods to avoid. Finally, there’s the Fast Track Guide, which is meant to help you assess what you need to do to jumpstart your metabolism and start seeing the results you want.

fat-burning-fingerprint package

How Much Does Fat Burning Fingerprint Cost?

Many weight loss programs can cost a good deal of money. You might expect that with Fat Burning Fingerprint, too.

Fat Burning Fingerprint comes at a low price, however, of only $37. With that, you’ll get all we mentioned above, as well as the bonuses.

And, as we mentioned, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try the product out for 60 days and, if you don’t see the results you want, you can get a full refund. It’s really a low-impact trial.

Our Final Recommendation

Our final recommendation is that Fat Burning Fingerprint is a product worth testing out. So many of us have more and more trouble losing weight as we age. We want to be healthier and prevent heart disease and other health issues. If Fat Burning Fingerprint can help, we think it’s worth the $37.

If you agree, get started with Fat Burning Fingerprint, and get all those bonuses and assessments, by clicking here.



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