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Eating healthy on the go: The top 20 fast food restaurants that will help you eat healthier


Burgers and fries may be common in restaurants, but there are also healthy foods you can get from a fast food hotel. If you don't have time to cook, check out these restaurants that still offer healthy foods.


Get natural herbs and roots of various vegetables such as beets from this food joint. Sweet green is famous for its salads galore as well as ancient grains. You will enjoy their baby spinach, sprouts, carrots as well as basil for a meal full of energy.

Zoe's Kitchen

Your delicious lean meat awaits at Zoe's kitchen. Everything in here is organic-based, and their sand witches are filled with healthy vegetables. You can also try their Greek cuisine to get a difference from your usual diet.


This spot specializes in Mexican foods such as burritos and tacos. They prepare organic foods and also serve healthy salads, vegetables. Brown rice is also available to help you get the right nutrients to stay healthy.


If you are looking for a menu that outlines the number of calories in each food, freshii will not disappoint. They offer you with quinoa, noodles, and nutritious vegetables at affordable prices.


Chick-fil-A gives you delicious chicken sandwiches to help you take in fewer calories. Their menu is made up of foods that are free from trans-fats. Check out their chicken nuggets, healthy oatmeal as well as grilled salad.

Lyfe kitchen

Get all your calories carefully measured by a chef to help you lose beer gut from Lyfe kitchen. They combine healthy foods such as spinach and roasted mushrooms to give you a meal that will keep you loyal.  You can also try their avocado frittatas as well as natural juices.


Though you may know this joint for their hamburgers, this is not the only food you can buy get here. They offer chicken salads that are healthier than taking fries.

Veggie Grill

For all vegetarians, if you are not having your meals at Veggie grill, you are missing out. Their tinga tacos are not only nutritious but also finger licking. Everyone including meat lovers can also find lean meat from this spot.


With time, McDonald's started moving from unprocessed foods that we were used to, to healthy diets. They offer a wide variety of vegetables and healthy fruits as well as juices from natural ingredients.

Just salad

Unlike your regular salad, this restaurant allows you to be creative in stacking your salad with all the elements. For instance, you can get salads from various seasonal veggies as well as seafood salad.

Ruby Tuesday

If you are sensitive to gluten, you can get a healthy meal from Ruby Tuesday. It offers you healthy nutrients from all kinds of fish. Baked potatoes, as well as vegetables such as broccoli, are in plenty here.


Wouldn't you love a well-prepared turkey for your lunch or lentil soup for dessert? Cosi offers such meals and much more irresistible healthy meals in all the right calories.

Cheesecake factory

If you are looking for foods in small portions to avoid overeating, cheesecake factory has your back. They offer you salads and appetizers that help you regulate your appetite for you not to overeat.

Atlanta breed

Unlike other joints that are keen on not wasting food, this joint donates foods to charity. They serve you with assorted whole grains at any time as they operate 24 hours.

Kentucky fried chicken

Go for grilled chicken in place of fried one to avoid taking in excess oils from KFC. They also serve green beans and corn as part of their healthy menu.


Access fresh veggies from this famous restaurant. They also provide you with brown bread made from whole grain and healthy salads for your dinner.

Panera Bread

Instead of choosing sweet cakes from this bakery, go for healthy soups like mushroom soup and tantalizing vegetable salads. They use clean ingredients for their foods that make you slim.

Jason Deli

This joint uses organic ingredients to help you take fewer calories from their dishes. You should try out their shrimp salads. They offer you fresh fruits and assorted nuts to keep you healthy.

Noodles and company

Here you will get fiber-rich foods. Noodles and company provide you with whole grain linguine as well as mushroom and buttered noodles. We cannot get enough of their organic tofu and shrimp.

Dig inn

Get fresh foods with ingredients straight from the farm. This gives you high-quality dishes such as serving kale mixed with dates as well as beets and quinoa. You will love their customer service as you enjoy your healthy meals.

Final thoughts

Unlike what you imagine, there are so many fast foods that can make you eat healthy on the go. Feel free to check out some of these foods from amazon. We hope you will stop buying burgers for lunch at work and replace them with these healthy meals from such restaurant


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