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Does Eating Dinner at a Certain Time Affect Your Chance of Getting Cancer?

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Higher Risk of Breast and Prostate Cancer

The time you eat your dinner is directly linked to the risk of developing health problems. You may think that staying up late is the only thing to cause detrimental effects in the future, but having a late meal does even more damage than staying up late.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer are related to circadian disruption and night shift work. The circadian rhythm is a biological process that includes the sleep-wake cycle, body temperature cycle, and the times at which hormones are secreted.

When the circadian rhythm is disrupted, the human body is more prone to developing tumor and weakening of the immune system. If a person works for long hours at night and sleeps throughout the day, his immune and insulin functions are altered. Working at night and delaying the meal time put the diet out of sync causing the person to be more susceptible to diseases.

As breast and prostate cancer are the most common types of cancer, there is a higher chance that the people who eat their meals late are at risk. Dinnertime is directly linked to your metabolism. If you delay your dinnertime and eat right before you are preparing to go to bed, the less time you are giving your body to metabolize the food. This significantly weakens the overall immune system, causing you to become susceptible to a deadly disease like cancer.

Night Shift and Munching

There are other factors that may contribute to cancer risk such as sleep patterns. If you are awake for longer hours, you will want to eat more. If you work a night shift, you might feel too tired to exercise when you come back home. You will also be inclined to munch and crave food at late hours. This puts your body out of sync and disturbs its regular cycle. The lack of exercise and proper metabolism can increase your risks of getting cancer.

More Research Needed

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Although many claims have been made that eating dinner late at night can increase chances of cancer, no substantial proof or notable studies have yet been found. There are many other things that can increase cancer risk. Claiming only late-night dinners is vague until solid research is done based on facts and figures.

Moreover, there are cultural factors to take into consideration. In some countries, people eat dinner late than some other countries where people eat dinner earlier. To say that such countries have a higher cancer rate than the later would be inconclusive as no sufficient data is available to confirm that.

Final Thoughts

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Eating dinner late at night isn't completely linked to cancer yet. However, it is a contributing factor that could increase your chances of getting this deadly disease. Since prevention is better than cure, it is advised that you plan your meal earlier and give your body enough time to metabolize it.

Do you think eating late is detrimental to your health or is it not something to worry about? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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