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DOC SOCKS Review: Do They Really Relieve Foot Pain?



Most of us are on our feet for a significant percentage of the day. And, many of us take our feet for granted. They might hurt a bit after a long day of walking, but most days we don’t worry about them because they don’t hurt.

For some people, though, foot and leg pain is the norm. There are products on the market that claim to help. In this review, we’ll look at one such product: Doc Socks. Are Doc Socks worth the price? And, most importantly, will they do what they claim to do?

What are Doc Socks?

Doc Socks are more than just socks, although the serve the purpose that all socks do. They can cushion your feet, absorb perspiration, and protect your shoes. However, it’s the technology behind Doc Socks that makes them special.

Doc Socks are compression socks. Their purpose is to apply pressure to your feet throughout the day. This provides stability for your feet and ankles. It also prevents swelling and pain.

Doc Socks look a lot like regular socks. The major difference is that your toes are not covered when you wear Doc Socks. For that reason, you may choose to wear them over or under a traditional pair of socks. They can be worn with shoes or alone when you’re in the house or sleeping.

Who Makes Doc Socks?

Doc Socks were designed by a leading podiatrist – that’s a doctor who specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the feet.

There are a lot of compression socks on the market. In fact, you can buy compression socks in most pharmacies. However, not all such products are designed by doctors with years of experience treating the conditions that compression socks can alleviate.

Who is Doc Socks Designed to Help?

Doc Socks are designed to help anybody who experiences foot and leg pain during the day. You don’t need to have a diagnosed foot condition or injury to benefit from wearing Doc Socks.

Here are just some of the conditions that Doc Socks can help with:

  • General foot fatigue
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Poor circulation
  • Foot pain

The testimonials on the Doc Socks website come from busy moms, teachers, and people who have a wide array of foot problems. If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet, or if you have plantar fasciitis, diabetes, or other problems that can contribute to poor circulation, wearing compression socks may be helpful.

What Do You Get When You Order Doc Socks?

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll get if you decide to order Doc Socks. Unlike some products sold on the internet, Doc Socks don’t come with a lot of extras. This is a simple product that’s designed to help people experience less foot pain and fatigue.

You can order Doc Socks one pair at a time or in bundles designed to help you save money. Later on, we’ll reveal the prices, so you can decide if you want to order Doc Socks.

Does Research Support the Claims Made by Doc Socks?

Whenever we review a product, we like to check out the scientific evidence and research to see if it’s realistic to expect the product to fulfill the claims made about it. Fortunately, when it comes to the benefits of compression socks, there is plenty of research to support the idea that wearing Doc Socks can help with foot ailments, pain, and fatigue.

Let’s start with a study that looked at the effect of wearing compression socks similar to Doc Socks on patients with diabetes who had edema (swelling) of the feet. The study asked 18 patients, 9 men and 9 women, to wear compression socks during their waking hours for a total of four weeks. The subjects experienced a significant decrease in calf circumference after just one week of wearing the socks. Likewise, cutaneous edema had significantly decreased by the third week.

There’s also some evidence that wearing compression socks can reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis in patients who have had strokes. We found a study that showed that wearing compression socks resulted in a lower percentage of deep vein thrombosis than traditional, post-stroke treatment alone. More studies are needed, but the results are certainly promising.

We also found a review that looked at the effects of wearing compression socks on people who traveled by airplane. It concluded that wearing compression socks while flying significantly reduced the risk of swelling and edema. Again, more study is needed, but there’s certainly reason to believe that wearing Doc Socks when traveling can help prevent swelling and thrombosis.

We couldn’t find any studies that looked at foot fatigue as it relates to ordinary walking and standing. However, we did find several studies that looked at the effects of wearing compression stockings after a prolonged bout of intense exercise such as a marathon.

For example, we found one study that looked at people who performed intermittent running and prolonged running. The subjects who wore compression socks while they ran experienced later onset of leg and foot pain and less pain overall than the subjects who did not wear compression socks.

Likewise, an Australian study found that people who ran marathons who wore compression songs for 48 hours after the week recovered more quickly than those who did not wear the socks. Recovery time and quality was measured by having the subjects run on treadmills to the point of exhaustion two weeks after the marathon.

Compression stockings may be useful for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, too, but we were unable to find any studies that looked specifically at the use of compression socks to treat that condition. However, there are many studies – some of which are cited here – that have found that wearing compression socks can relieve foot pain, fatigue, and swelling.

We do want to note that the studies we have cited here are related to compression socks in general, not to Doc Socks in particular. Wearing Doc Socks is not meant to be a replacement for regular podiatric treatment.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Doc Socks?

As is the case with any product, Doc Socks have both pros and cons. Let’s look at them, starting with the pros:

  • Doc Socks are lightweight and can be worn alone or with traditional socks
  • An experienced podiatrist designed Doc Socks to help people who experience foot pain and fatigue
  • Doc Socks are unisex and one size fits all – meaning that if more than one person in your family could benefit from wearing Doc Socks, you can take advantage of the bundles to get a lower price on multiple pairs
  • Doc Socks can provide relief from a wide array of foot ailments or from general fatigue caused by being on your feet all day

While there are a lot of pros to wearing Doc Socks, there are a few potential cons to consider:

  • Doc Socks are more expensive than some of the compression socks you can buy in pharmacies and stores
  • Doc Socks won’t cure poor circulation and are not a replacement for seeing a podiatrist if you have a serious problem
  • Doc Socks are not available in stores and must be ordered online

Overall, we feel that the pros outweigh the cons. The fact that Doc Socks were designed by a podiatrist makes the extra money you’ll spend to get them worth it.

How Much Does Doc Socks Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much money you’ll need to spend to get your hands (or feet) on Doc Socks. As we mentioned above, the price per pair goes down when you order in bulk. Right now, the company is offering special prices reduced from the usual price of $40 per pair as follows:

  • One pair for $20.00 (50% off the usual price)
  • Two pairs for $19.50 per pair and get one free
  • Three pairs for $19.16 per pair and get two free
  • Four pairs for $18.75 per pair and get three free
  • Five pairs for $18.40 per pair and get four free
  • Six pairs for $18.00 per pair and get five free
  • Seven pairs for $17.57 per pair and get six free

The bargain bundle that a lot of people buy is the buy four, get three free deal for $75.00. That works out to a price of a little over $10 a pair. When you consider how much your quality of life might improve as a result of wearing Doc Socks, that price is a real bargain.

Our Final Recommendation

Our final recommendation is that Doc Socks are worth the money. There’s real scientific evidence that wearing compression socks can help relieve foot pain and fatigue and improve circulation. Why endure foot pain if you don’t need to? Wearing compression socks can help and Doc Socks are designed by a podiatrist.

To get your supply of Doc Socks today, please click here now.



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