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Causes of Morning Breath and Solutions to Cure It

Have bad morning breath? We have all been there, and it’s no shame. Halitosis is a common occurrence in most people. About 35 percent of people suffer from a chronic bad breath condition, while another 35 percent come across occasional morning bad breath owing to the consumption of acidic foods and alcohol. This article will explore the various reasons that cause bad morning breath and solutions that can fix it to create a good impression.

Besides a chronic bad breath condition, there may be several reasons that can lead to bad morning breath. A few of these have been identified below, each one followed by its respective solution.

Cause 1: Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of bad morning breath among people. The mouth invites and provides shelter to bacteria with leftover food particles. Cleaning the mouth and getting rid of all these food particles help keep bacteria away. These unwanted food particles are stuck on the tongue surface, between the teeth, and on the gum tissue. Brushing and flossing can help with getting rid of these particles and the resulting bacteria.


You must maintain excellent oral hygiene to fight halitosis. Brush your teeth regularly every morning and again before going to bed. Floss after each meal, scrub your tongue well while brushing and use an antiseptic mouthwash each morning. Tongue scraping is a must!

Cause 2: Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva in the mouth is yet another cause of bad morning breath. During the day, mouth produces enough saliva to keep it from drying. However, during night, saliva production in the mouth remains low. Saliva is required to sweep away the remaining food particles in the mouth that attract bacteria which lead to bad morning breath. A dry mouth is, hence, a sanctuary for bacteria, which produces volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth.


For this, you must increase the flow of saliva in the mouth. You can do so by consuming plenty of fluids during the day and drinking enough water before bedtime. Keep a chewing gum handy whenever your mouth feels dry or try the following products to treat a dry mouth:

With the help of these products, you can ensure sufficient saliva production and oxygen flow in the mouth that will protect you against harmful and odor-causing bacteria.

Cause 3: Oral Infections & Diseases

Oral infections can also become a source of bad morning breath. The various infections leading up to it comprise tooth decay, cavities, wisdom tooth infections, and mouth lesions. Infections can cause the following issues in the mouth:

  • Tissue breakdown
  • Putrefaction of amino acids
  • Reduced saliva production

Additionally, gum diseases such as gingivitis cause dead cells within the mouth which are metabolized by bacteria, leading to bad breath.


If you have oral infections and gum diseases, you must immediately seek professional help and get the treatments started. In addition to the dentist’s prescription, you can follow the usual drill – brush your teeth twice, floss, scrape tongue and drink fluids. Use an antiseptic mouth wash and gargle every day to let oxygen into the mouth and fight off bacteria.

Cause 4: Tobacco and Pungent Foods

Consuming foods that have strong smells can also cause bad morning breath. These foods usually comprise of garlic and onions and if consumed during the late hours, these could become a source of bad breath the following morning.

Smoking is also a major cause of bad breath in the morning. Tobacco consumption is bad for numerous reasons, but one of these is halitosis. Smoking dries out the mouth, slowing down saliva production while causing oral diseases and infections, a combination of which makes for bad morning breath.


Brush your teeth immediately after consuming pungent foods and don’t forget to floss. Brushing is essential during the night if your desire to wake up with a fresh mouth the next morning. If you smoke, try quitting cigarettes to treat your halitosis. Otherwise,carry sugar-free gum with you to keep mouth bacteria from producing sulfur compounds. Make sure to choose a sugar-free gum for fresh breath and saliva stimulation.

Now that you are aware of what may be causing your bad morning breath, you can use these solutions to prevent odor-causing bacteria from ruining your day.


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Written by Mizzy Sanchez


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