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Can you eat grapefruits? Why diabetics and seniors should think twice when eating this fruit

Grapefruit is a controversial fruit that has raised concern regarding its safety to seniors and diabetics. Though it contains lots of benefits, it can inhibit an intestinal enzyme referred to as CYP3A4 if you use it while under medication.

We will cover the importance of grapefruit to us as well as how it can be harmful. Enjoy!

How does grapefruit help?

It has a high water content

Doctors advise us to stay hydrated to help our metabolism and facilitate the body processes. You can do this by taking grapefruit which contains 92% water. It is sweeter than taking plain water since it gives you tasty juice.

The pith is healthy

The white flesh that covers the fruit may be bitter than the inner fruit, but it is healthy. It contains anti-oxidant properties and high fiber content. It lowers your cholesterol levels and prevents you from getting colon cancer.

It can minimize bad cholesterol in your body and keep your arteries free from clogging. People who take this flesh have been found to reduce the risk of suffering from strokes and heart attack. Grapefruit minimizes the triglyceride levels responsible for clogging your heart pathways.

It boosts your immune system

A serving of grapefruit contains high amounts of vitamin A and C which raise your immune system and prevent you from diseases such as common flu. It also prevents you from high blood pressure. It contains high levels of potassium that neutralize the adverse reactions of sodium in your body.  You should not take grapefruits if you are already under hypertension medication.

It facilitates the healing of wounds

The vitamin C in grapefruits help in the formation of scar tissues and new vessels. A serving of grapefruit contains 72 mg of the vitamin. Most doctors advise you to take grapefruit after surgery for fast healing.

Useful for aromatherapy sessions

The citrus in grapefruits increases your vitality and energy during aromatherapy. Feel free to rub essential oil on the skin instead of only inhaling it. It acts as a skin toner for the sessions. Check out products such as Candle in Grapefruit and Grapefruit Essential oil.

Should you take grapefruit when you have diabetes?

No. Grapefruits may give you vitamin C, but when you have diabetes, it is not healthy. It raises the blood sugar beyond the expected ranges.

How does it affect you when you have diabetes?

High carbohydrate content

It interferes with your carbohydrate content. Doctors say that grapefruit does not have any fiber and gives you high amounts of carbohydrates per every serving.

Drug interactions

Grapefruit interferes with your diabetic medication. It contains a particular compound that interferes with the enzyme in the gastrointestinal tract. It raises the absorption of diabetic drugs leading to severe levels in your blood. If you take anti-hypertensive medicines for diabetes, grapefruit is not safe.

Are there any alternatives?

As a diabetic, you can switch grapefruits to other citrus fruits like tangerines, clementine, and oranges. Take these fresh fruits in low quantities to avoid raising your blood sugar levels. You can also try raspberries, strawberries, kiwifruits as well as blueberries. They contain low carbohydrates and glycemic index values.

Is it safe for seniors?

No. Most seniors struggle with chronic diseases that require them to take numerous medications to treat them. Foods such as grapefruit are not safe when you are under specific medication. It can prevent the medicines from working correctly or make them too powerful to treat your condition. This could lead to adverse side effects.

Grapefruit is not healthy when you are taking drugs such as antibiotics, blood pressure pills, cholesterol-lowering drugs, cough suppressants, steroids, anti-depressants, or HIV drugs. These drugs react with the fruit by breaking down the medicine and causing toxicity. If you are taking medication for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and Levitra, they could also affect.

You should have your doctor find replacement drugs for you as you stop taking grapefruit while under such medication.

Bottom line

From our discussion, you can learn that grapefruits are healthy as long as you are not under any medication. Check out the alternative we have mentioned if you are not fit to take grapefruits and stay healthy as you gain the same nutrients from the substitutes, we do not recommend this fruit for you.




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Written by Lisa Quarterman

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