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Benefits of Blueberries – This Superfood Will Have You Feeling Anything But Blue

Are Blueberries a Superfood

We all love fruit – we just never seem to remember to enjoy enough of it. Benefits of blueberries are easy to come by but are one of those fruits that never seems to land on our plate. But it should.


Well, blueberries have made it to some of the most coveted lists of superfoods – and for a good reason too. They have high nutritional value and come with a small amount of calories which means that you can get all of the benefits without empty calories.

Interested to learn more about why you should eat more blueberries?

Read on to find out.

0 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries, the sweet and popular fruit is one of the most nutritious things you can eat. They are low in calories and high in vitamins as well as important nutrients to keep our body healthy and well fed. Many people see them as their favorite fruit, too.

Here are some of the health benefits you can get from blueberries:

1. Low in calories, high in nutrients

Blueberries are nutrient-dense – one cup contains 4 grams of fiber, 24% of vitamin C, 36 percent of vitamin K, 25% of manganese and trace amounts of other nutrients. They also contain 85% of water and have only 84 calories as well as 15 grams of carbohydrates. All of this makes them an excellent source of nutrients.

2. Full of antioxidants

Antioxidants, elements protecting your body from free radicals, are one of the best things about blueberries. They have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits and vegetables.

3. They reduce DNA damage

Blueberries are high in antioxidants, which means that they help your DNA stay healthy, keeping your body young and protecting it from cancer, heart disease and many other oxidative stress issues. Studies have confirmed that blueberries do, in fact, have this effect.

4. They protect good cholesterol

Blueberries are useful in protecting your good cholesterol as well. Studies have found that the antioxidants in blueberries are one of the main reduction sources of the oxidized LDL cholesterol, which is one of the main reasons for heart disease.

5. Blueberries can lower blood pressure

Blueberries have benefits for people with high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to increased levels of heart attack. A study confirmed that the blood pressure of people consuming blueberries was lower. Other studies have also confirmed that people who eat blueberries have lower blood pressure – this is especially true for women.

6. They can prevent heart disease

A study has confirmed that people who consumed more anthocyanins are at the lowest risk of the heart attack. These are the main antioxidants in blueberries. Some say, however, that this needs to be replicated in more studies for it to be for sure.

7. Blueberries help maintain brain health

Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of negative brain function. The benefits of blueberries again help with antioxidants, and scientifically confirmed benefit ageing neurons and memory retention.

8. Blueberries can help people with diabetes

The amount of sugars blueberries have is low compared to other fruits. But the other components are great for people with high blood sugar and managing diabetes. The anthocyanins have many beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity.

9. Blueberry can help UTIs

This is a common problem for women and blueberries can help. Cranberries are more popular for this purpose but blueberries have the same components that help prevent bacteria from attacking the urinary tract.

10. They can help you after exercise

Since heavy exercising leads to sore muscles and pain, as well as fatigue, blueberries can help. If you consume blueberries, you can lessen the impact of the fatigue and pain.

Why Should You Eat Blueberries

Why Should You Eat Blueberries?

Blueberries come from the berry family and they are dark blue in color. They always top the lists of healthy fruits and food in general. Benefits of blueberries are raved about by doctors and nutritionists alike.

They are recommended for consumption because they are full of antioxidants like phytochemicals which prevent free radicals from damaging your cells. Free radicals are some of the main culprits of diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and so on because they cause oxidative stress.

Blueberries come with a whole host of vitamins and minerals which you need on a daily basis. Eat them for vitamins B, C, E, minerals like potassium, selenium, zinc, manganese and iron.

If you worry about blueberries affecting your weight, you shouldn’t – blueberries contain a low number of calories and carbohydrates which means you gain no weight when eating them. They also have plenty of fiber which means they can help you lose weight

As a bonus, you can get them almost anywhere and they taste amazing.

Benefits of Blueberries

Are Blueberries a Superfood?

This fruit is sweet and healthy at the same time and you can make many delicious recipes with them. They are also a superfruit packed in a small package with plenty of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body will love.

They often top the lists of superfoods.


Well, a superfood needs to have a low amount of calories while still packing a strong punch in nutrients and beneficial effects on human health and beauty.

Blueberries, with their 84 calories per cup and 14 grams of carbohydrates, definitely fit that category. But it’s not just that they are low in bad stuff, they are also extremely high in the good stuff.

Adding blueberries to your diet can result in lower blood pressure, better cholesterol, reduced heart attack risk and cancer risk, better memory and focus, reduced blood sugar and decreased symptoms of depression.

You should buy or pick your own from May to October for the best tasting berries. To get the benefits of blueberries off-season, pick them in grocery stores in the other season – though they might get more expensive.

Blueberries for Weight Loss

Blueberries for Weight Loss

When we make the decision to be healthier, it’s usually because we want to lose weight. And blueberries can help on both levels.

Scientists are studying blueberries for their beneficial effects on body weight and the potential to reduce body fat. New research says that they can improve our metabolism – especially when it comes to fat and sugar.

They can influence genes which are responsible for fat burning and storing, as well as help reduce belly fat and cholesterol. When you combine them with a proper diet, you can definitely lose more weight.

They are also powerful because they contain high levels of fiber and they can keep you feeling fed and satisfied for longer. Plus, when you crave something sweet, this little fruit can help you satisfy the craving. So, you will be getting no empty calories.

All health experts are on board for weight management and the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Blueberries are a smart choice for weight loss and weight control.

You can have them every day without feeling guilty at all.

There are plenty of blueberry recipes that you can make as well – just make sure that they are aligned with your weight loss goals.

Which Berries are the Healthiest

Which Berries are the Healthiest?

Berries have a great nutritional profile in general. They have a ton of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Eating berries can help you prevent and heal many illnesses and issues. They all have similar health benefits and similar elements which can help. While we covered the benefits of blueberries, here is a list of top 8 berries that are healthy and which you can eat to get many benefits.


The main topic of this article and also the queen of all berries is, of course, blueberry.  As mentioned, it has vitamins C, B, E and various minerals which you can benefit from. They are low in calories and carbohydrates and as such carry many health and beauty benefits for people.


The runner up to blueberries and one of the most delicious fruits in the world is raspberry. They are often used as desserts and contain plenty of fiber. A cup contains 64 calories, 8 grams of fiber and plenty of vitamins C, K and minerals like manganese. They also contain powerful antioxidants so they reduce oxidative stress. They act with the leptin hormone and make you feel full. There are many different types of raspberries and all are equally great for you.

Goji Berries

These are also known as wolfberries and they come from China. They were used in traditional medicine but they have recently become popular in Western countries as well. Blueberries contain (in one cup) 23 calories, 2.2 grams of fiber, vitamins C, A, copper and so on. They are great for eye health because of vitamin A.


These are commonly consumed all across the globe and they are rich in vitamin C. One cup contains 49 calories, 3 grams of fiber, plenty of vitamin C, manganese and so on. They are good for heart health and against diabetes.


Similar to blueberries and native to Europe, bilberries are often confused with blueberries. One hundred grams has 42 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and plenty of vitamin C. They are great against inflammation and heart disease as well as metabolic syndrome.

There are many more healthy berries out there like cranberries, grapes, acai berries and so on. All of these are excellent for their antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. They are all low in calories and carbohydrates while still providing plenty of fiber and healthy elements.

What's your favorite way to enjoy the benefits of blueberries? Feel free to share your berry-best tips down below!



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