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Back to Life Review: Can It Get Rid of Back Pain?


If you’ve ever suffered from back pain or sciatica, you know how awful it can be. It’s the kind of pain that can ruin your day, make it difficult to sleep, and leave you feeling old, tired, and depressed. You’ve probably tried different medications and remedies to relieve it – and it may be that none of them has worked.

Because back pain is such a common problem, there is no shortage of products that claim to have the answer. One such product is Back to Life: The Complete Healthy Back System. This is an informational product that claims to have the secret to relieving back pain and sciatica.

Does it work? In this review we’ll explain what the product is, who makes it, and who it is designed to help. We’ll also reveal whether there’s any research to support the claims it makes and make a recommendation of whether this product is worth buying.

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is an informational product consisting of both written materials and videos. It is available both as a digital product and a physical product, and it’s designed to provide you with the information you need to get rid of back pain.

Specifically, this is a program of gentle stretches and movements that are designed to relieve the muscle tension that can lead to back pain. While many of us might turn to massage therapy or pain medication to relieve back pain, Back to Life takes a different approach.

If you work at a desk all day, you may end up with an aching back. The assumption might be that your back needs massaging – but in fact, the tension and pain you feel could be the result of muscle tightness in your chest, neck, and other areas of your body.

Back to Life provides you with a series of easy-to-do stretches that relieve muscle tension and provide relief from back pain.

Who Created Back to Life?

Back to Life is the brain child of a woman named Emily Lark. Emily has been a fitness and wellness coach since 2004. She also teaches both Yoga and Pilates, and she’s a sought-after teacher at studios all around the United States. She opened her own fitness studio in 2014 where she provides instruction to people from all backgrounds.

The inspiration for Back to Life came from Emily’s personal experience. When she was just 12 years old, she was in a serious car accident. There were no obvious injuries at first, but over time, she developed severe back pain that wouldn’t go away no matter what she did. Her doctors recommended surgery, but she wanted to find a less invasive solution. She did a great deal of research about the causes of back pain, and ultimately came up with the 10-minute routine that is at the core of Back to Life. She credits this routine with eliminating her back pain and restoring her quality of life.

Who is Back to Life Designed to Help?

Back to Life is designed to help anybody who has ever experienced back pain, including pain in the lower back, upper back, shoulders, and neck. Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Doctors are quick to prescribe pain medication and – in some cases – invasive surgery, but these things may not offer permanent relief. Also, pain medications like opioids are highly addictive and can lead to additional health problems.

Back to Life is an alternative to these treatments. It is a natural, non-invasive way to relieve back pain and reclaim your quality of life. Anybody who has back pain or wants to avoid back pain in the future can benefit from using Back to Life.

What Do You Get When You Buy Back to Life?

As we mentioned earlier, Back to Life is an informational product. When you order it, you will receive the following items:

  • 3-Level Back to Life Video or DVDs
  • Companion Manual Booklet
  • Healthy Back Checklist

The three items you’ll get are designed to help you master the simple exercises that helped Emily Lark get rid of her back pain. The videos are clear and easy to follow, and the booklet is a companion to them and provides detailed instructions and illustrations of the workout.

Is There Research to Support the Claims Made by Back to Life?

It’s always a good idea to see if there’s any research or confirmation that a product works. This is a tricky product to review because there aren’t any studies that have looked at the specific exercises designed by Emily Lark. However, we still checked out some of the research about back pain and back surgery, and here’s what we found.

A 2007 review looked at the research regarding exercise and lower back pain. It found that there was ample evidence to suggest that exercise therapy could both decrease pain and increase function in patients who experienced chronic lower back pain. We should note that it found that individualized and supervised programs were the most effective.

We found another study that looked specifically at patients with spondylosis and spondylolisthesis. The patients undertook a strengthening and conditioning program that focused on the core muscles (something that is also true of Back to Life) and found that the patients who did the exercises experienced a significant reduction in pain.

Another study that we found interesting was from 2011. It looked at a condition known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or FBSS. It found that despite the advances made in surgical techniques, the rate of FBSS among patients who have back surgery has not declined. In other words, surgery is not the cure-all that some doctors might have you believe – and in some cases, it can make back pain worse.

The takeaway here is that exercise has been proven to alleviate back pain. While we can’t say definitively that the exercises in Back to Life will help you, there is reason to believe that exercise might be a better solution than pain medication or surgery.

Pros and Cons of Back to Life

Every product has pros and cons, and we think it’s important to consider both before deciding to buy Back to Life. Here are the pros of this product as we see them:

  • Emily Lark designed the product based on extensive research and personal experience.
  • The exercises are easy to do for people of any fitness level.
  • The videos are high-quality and provide the guidance you need to do the required stretches.
  • This system is far less expensive than prescription medications, massage therapy, or surgery.
  • The workout routine is short and can fit into anybody’s schedule.

Of course, as you might expect there are a few potential downsides to consider as well. Here they are:

  • The results you get will depend on the type of back pain you have – the exercises may be too painful for people with serious back problems to do.
  • You must make a commitment to do the exercises daily if you want to see results. In other words, this isn’t a miracle cure.
  • This product is only available online and may not be purchased in stores.

Overall, we are inclined to feel that the pros far outweigh the cons. Back pain can be truly debilitating, and this system offers a non-invasive way to conquer it. We will mention, though, that you should always consult with your doctor before trying any alternative treatment.

How Much Does Back to Life Cost?

By now, you are probably wondering how much money you will need to spend to get the Back to Life system. The good news is that Emily Lark has made the price truly affordable – something she does at her personal studio, too.

As we mentioned above, you can choose to buy Back to Life as a digital product, or you can get a copy of the digital product plus hard copies of the DVDs and written materials. Here are the prices:

  • $37 for the digital-only version of Back to Life
  • $37 plus shipping and handling for the digital and physical products together

back-to-lifeIn other words, the only additional cost you’ll pay for the physical product is a small shipping charge. The system is valued at $99.99, so the current price represents a 63% discount off the retail price of Back to Life.

It’s also worth noting that Back to Life comes with a no-questions asked, 60-day guarantee. That means that you can try the product for 60 days and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Our Final Recommendation

Our final recommendation is that Back to Life is definitely a product that is worth trying. It provides a gentle, non-invasive way to treat back pain and it can work for many people. If you prefer to stay away from potentially addictive drugs and painful surgeries, Back to Life could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

If you’d like to get a copy of Back to Life today, please click here now to visit the official website.


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