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Are you having pelvic problems? Here are ten stretches to relieve pain and improve sexual health

Our delicate bodies as women face a lot of challenges caused by the different phases of our lives. Pelvic problems are common among many ladies who go through childbirth. The pelvic muscles that support parts such as the uterus and the bladder become weak with age.

This causes challenges such as a loose bladder or pain during ovulation and sex. You can, however, strengthen this muscle through a couple of exercises. The following stretches will help you reduce the pain and enhance your sexual health.


Relaxing and contracting your pelvic muscles through Kegels can prevent you from bladder problems. People who have urine leakage while coughing or laughing should try out Kegel exercises. It can also make your vaginal muscles relax for you to stop feeling pain during sex.

Kegels also facilitate the circulation of blood to the vagina and make it easy for you to experience orgasms. Start stretching by finding your pelvic muscle. Contract the muscles as you hold for some few seconds. Relax them and repeat the process frequently.


sporty athletic woman squattingThis stretch ensures that your pelvic muscles remain in the right shape. It engages a lot of body muscles such as the glutes and quadriceps to enhance their strength. You can relieve problems such as constipation from squatting.

Start by standing upright as you as your legs remain apart. Bend your knees and stretch your toes out. Sit low such that you stay hanging on the air but near the floor. Your butt and hips should remain at the back as your chin and neck stay in a neutral position.

Go down for your thighs to almost touch the ground as your weight goes to your heels. Assess your pelvis and hold your body as you breathe in.  You can put your hands straight so that they can offer balance.


bridge stretchYou can also strengthen the glutes and pelvic muscles through bridge stretches. These stretches also give you the proper posture as you stand and sit by enhancing your core. You can use it without any weight or get a stability ball.

Allow your body to remain on the floor as you spine stays above the ground. Stretch your arms on both sides and let your palms face down.  Squeeze your glutes and pelvic floor in the process.

Split tabletop

If you have ever attended a Pilate's class, this exercise may seem familiar. The aim is to make your pelvic muscles and hips more active. It also works on your abs. The only requirement to conduct the stretches is a mat.

Lie down with the back staying on the floor. Bend your knees so your thighs make a 90 degree against the ground. Brace your abs and activate your thighs as your legs touch each other. Start splitting the legs such that each knee moves outward as you remain as comfortable as possible. Repeat the process three times.

Diaphragmatic inhalation

Most of us do not breathe hard enough to stretch the diaphragm. Take wide, deep breaths so that your ribs can expand to relieve tension on your backside from the neck to your pelvic muscles. If you are in pain, you can soothe your nervous system by taking diaphragmatic breaths.  Place a yoga strap on your ribcage to know if you are breathing hard enough to reduce the pain.

Buttock stretch

Stretching Of ButtocksThis involves opening your hips so that your buttocks can stretch out. Using a mat, lay down facing upward and bend your knees. Place one side of your ankle on the adjacent knee. With your hand, press your knee away gently until you feel the stretch.

Goddess roll

The goddess roll creates an openness between your pelvic area and your thighs. Use a mat and a roller to balance your body while stretching. Lie down on your mat such that your stomach faces your mat. Let the roller go beneath your hips. Let your knees remain wide apart but your toes in contact.

Be careful not to overarch your back by engaging your belly. Roll up to your bone attachment as you take a deep breath. Roll down to the hips and inner thighs as you breathe out. Allow your hands to remain on the floor to give you maximum support.


In this stretching, you need to place a ball on the mat then lie down allowing the ball to remain under the sacrum. Raise your legs above your knees as you extend them to an angle of 90 degrees for them to point the ceiling. Put your toes apart and support your weight with your arms on the ground.

Start lowering your legs slowly as you inhale and allow one leg to cross the other for you to engage your pelvic floor. Ensure that your back and spine are relaxed as you stretch.

Lateral Lunge

lateral lungeSometimes, you can experience pelvic pain caused by blockages between your inner thighs and the pelvic area. Lateral lunges clear such blockages and relieve the pain. Widen your feet and place a mat between them.

Place a roller on the front side vertically and hold it while bending. Extend both your arms on the roller and straighten out your spine. Bend one of your legs and extend the other. Breathe in and hold your body in that position then exhale. Repeat the exercise by switching the legs to stretch your inner thighs and pelvis.

Inverted sacral

Lay down facing up and bend the knees. With your hips above the ground, place a ball beneath your sacrum. Lift your knees and hug them above your chest with your hands. Hold that position so that your tissues and bones relax and soften. Practice deep breathing during this stretch.

Final thoughts

With the stretches above, you can deal with any pelvic problems that cause you pain and affect your sexual health. Feel free to get the some of the devices you need to perform these stretches on amazon. Be careful as you stretch and do not push too hard if you are feeling pain


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Written by Wayne Parker

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