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Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

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With the advancement in technology, a lot has changed over the years. Our ways of communication have been strongly influenced, and gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. Phones allow us to communicate with one another and now come with even more advanced features. Without any interruption, we are able to communicate with one another through cell phones. However, despite providing multiple benefits, phones have become a bad addiction.

A research conducted states that human beings are willing to have a broken bone but not a broken phone. Ask yourself, how many times do you check your phone a day? The answer would be at least 80 times. Another research conducted by Dscout stated that the average human being swipes and taps their phone more than 2600 times on average. This is because the phone has grown to become an addiction.

You have your phone in our hands during meetings, lunch, bedtime and almost all other times. Without realizing, you have developed an addiction to cell phones. This is an addiction that can't be taken easily and needs to be dealt with timely. The number of deaths of drivers and pedestrians has increased over the years all because of phone usage. Cell phones have become a distraction and don't allow focus to develop.

Why Does This Addiction Develop?

The impact of phones is immense, especially on the brain. Staying away from your phone makes you anxious.

A scientific answer best explains this addiction. Using your phone provides you with thrill and increases your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you happy. Dopamine is released every time you use your phone as you are developing connections on it. For example, when you receive a message from a loved one, you feel happy. The release of dopamine is what keeps you glued to your cell phone.

The brain's need for dopamine is what pulls you closer to your phone. This need then develops into an addiction. Just like the human body gets addicted to drugs because of the relief they provide, getting likes on your Facebook display provides the same feeling and could get you addicted.

How Can Using the Phone Reduce Your Lifespan?

Since you develop a strong addiction to using your phone, you end up ignoring other essentials. You  don't sleep properly when you should be sleeping for at least 8 hours. You don't indulge in healthy activities because you are too busy scrolling your phone.

Chiropractors have also revealed recently that texting can lead to bad posture. The posture that people adopt while texting can even result in early death. According to the United Chiropractic Association, poor posture is equivalent to obesity. This can further impact the heart and muscular system. Phone use even restricts you from carrying out other activities.

Furthermore, when you use your phone, you have access to social media apps. This leads to mental stress and depression as you start comparing your life with other people’s. You start to develop a pessimistic approach toward life, which can be damaging.

What Can Be Done to Overcome This Addiction?

Shared below are some steps that can be taken to reduce phone addiction.

  • Create Distance

Secure your mental health by establishing a distance from your cell phone. You need to realize that a physical barrier between the phone and yourself is crucial for better health. Instead of carrying the phone with you at all times, keep it in a drawer or purse. Start by erasing the habit of holding the cell phone in your hand.

Also, try distancing yourself from apps and reduce their usage. When you start using an app, you get so involved and lost in it that you end up wasting your time.

  • Turn Off Notifications

Notifications encourage anxiety. Every time your phone makes a sound, you are keen on checking it. This needs to be avoided because at times, you get unnecessary notifications and end up scrolling through your phone. Adjust your app notifications to reduce your time wastage. Focus on things that actually matter.

  • Escape the Digital Age

Don't make yourself a victim of the digital world. Learn to stay active without the use of gadgets. Set rules for yourself and communicate with one another in person. When spending time with family and friends, turn off your cell phone.

These little things can bring a major change to your overall lifestyle.



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Written by Wayne Parker

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