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20 different ways you can use coconut oil in your daily life

coconut oil

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Many are the times when we underestimate the power of coconut oil. The oil is a natural superfood that has a lot of benefits that you can use in your daily life. Unrefined coconut oil is healthy in many aspects. You can use coconut oil in the following ways.


Instead of cooking using vegetable fat which contains unsaturated fats, use coconut oil. It contains saturated fats that are stable and convenient for preparing meals at high temperatures. The oils in coconut are not susceptible to oxidation.

You can also enjoy the flavor of coconut oil in different meals. Coconut oil is also useful for baking different products. It also provides a surface that is non-stick on pans for you to enjoy cooking pancakes.

Skin moisturizer

If you get skin conditions such as acne, dryness or eczema, you should make use of coconut oil. It provides your skin with the necessary moisture to enhance skin health. The antifungal properties of coconut oil make it a treatment for skin conditions including athlete's foot. It leaves a subtle glow on your skin.

Facial cleanser

Instead of using cleansers that contain unfriendly chemicals which irritate the face, try coconut oil. You can clean your face before sleep with coconut oil to rejuvenate it. It can also get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It is not healthy to sleep in makeup.  Massage the oil using a warm cloth and see how easy it is to remove make-up.


If you are allergic to strong scents of perfumes, you can try using coconut oil as a deodorant. This has a light scent that is not irritating. You can combine the oil with baking soda and lavender oil to make a pleasant deodorant.

Shaving lotion

Substitute your shaving cream with coconut oil that does not expose your skin to rashes. A close shave on different parts such as the legs and armpits leaves them moisturized and clean. Rub coconut oil on the surface before showering.

Reducing stretch marks

nutrition hacks organic coconut oil ingredientsThe fatty acids in coconut oil make it an antioxidant. Since this oil gets absorbed easily underneath the skin surface, it can penetrate the pores. It allows your skin to heal fast from stretch marks and scars that come from pregnancy. It also minimizes red spots and makes your skin tight.


Research shows that coconut oil is a safe lubricant that can be used during intercourse. It is soft and prevents drying out caused by friction during sex. It also does not become sticky or expose your delicate parts from harsh chemicals found in other lubricants.

You can also use it to lubricate a stuck zipper on your bag or jacket. Be careful not to use it on the thread when applying it on a zipper.

Hair conditioner

Achieve deep conditioning and reduce scalp conditions such as dandruff using coconut oil. You can apply coconut oil on split ends of your hair before sleeping or massage it all over your scalp. Give it time to take effect then rinse it out using shampoo. It also facilitates the growth of hair and makes your hair elastic.


If you are running out of your usual toothpaste, you can still clean your teeth using coconut oil. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and whitens the teeth. It is also effective in getting rid of plaque and a foul smell by killing bacteria.

Polishing furniture

Shine the furniture in your home by using some coconut oil. It prevents the material damage of your furniture to increase durability. Your furniture will not crack if you apply coconut oil on them. Use a cloth to conduct a test on one part to see its reaction on wood.

Energy booster

It raises your energy levels and prevents you from feeling hungry quickly. You can add it to sports drink as you work out or use it as butter in bread.

Lip balm

The healing properties of coconut oil make it a suitable lip balm. It prevents them from chapping since it remains in a semi-solid state when it is at room temperature. You can also use it as a tinted gloss by mixing it with lipstick.

Supports bone health

If you have pain in your joints, apply some coconut oil on them. Taking coconut smoothies also makes your bones strong.

Cure for hangover

You can reduce the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol by consuming coconut oil. It contains saturated fats that minimize dehydration which is caused by the chemicals in alcohol. It can also reduce the pain such as headaches from drinking.

Treats inflammation

If your skin has a burn, you should apply coconut oil on it. You can also reduce swelling using coconut oil thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can even soothe your skin giving you relief from itching.

Breast health

Sometimes, while breastfeeding, the skin around your nipples may crack. This causes a lot of pain as you feed your baby. You can restore the damage of skin in this area by using coconut oil.

Blade sharpener

Your kitchen appliances such as the knives can remain sharp from the use of coconut oil. It can also prevent them from rusting.

Cuticle oil

Your nails can look better with the use of coconut oil. It takes care of cracked cuticles on your nails and prevents them from peeling off. It gives you a long-lasting manicure and enhances the appearance of your nails.

Treats sinus

If you have a stuffy nose or a congested chest, rub coconut oil on it and get relief. You can use coconut oil against eucalyptus and peppermint oil. It also treats cold sores by preventing the flu virus from reproducing and spreading.

Facilitates the growth of your eyelashes

Create a serum for the growth of your eyelashes by mixing coconut oil with some lemon and lavender. Use this mixture on your lash line as you get rid of moisture using a tissue. You will get long lashes from it.


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Written by Chloe Ruiz

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