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12 simple activities around your house that can help you lose weight

The internet is full of the do's and don'ts regarding weight loss. Though most mechanisms marketed intend to help us out, some may cause more damage than good. Some people assume that losing weight must be through the gym doing intense workouts. These are some few tips you can implement from home to help you lose weight naturally.

Organize regular cleaning parties

Challenge your biceps by regularly cleaning as you move every item that needs moving. Get motivation doing it with a partner to help you stretch as you reach out to all the surfaces around your home. Engage in lunges as you clean while listening to inspiring music that motivates you. Studies show that regular cleaning of about 15 minutes helps you burn more than 40 calories every day.

Have Sex

Did you know that having sex regularly helps you burn calories? Studies reveal that men burn up to 100 calories while women burn at least 69 calories from regular sex. Extending the session helps you burn more calories than a simple quickie.

Establish different themes for every menu

To avoid feeling the monotony of healthy food every day, set up exciting ideas for your menu. Your taste buds call for experimenting on various types so that you can maintain a healthy diet. For instance, you can try out Chinese themes and interchange it with avocado recipes that are healthy and enticing for the whole family.

Enjoy your sleep

Resting helps you relax as you are likely to eat healthier and burn calories. It also calms your mind releasing good hormones so that you can relieve stress. This will keep weight at bay.

Keep a food journal

Losing weight requires support from your friend. Maintain a food journal where you track your daily consumption of food as you share this information with a close buddy with the same interest. This will help you feel accountable in case you did not follow your rules. You can also motivate yourself through sticky notes, outlining what foods you need and what you should not eat.

Have heavy breakfast

Adding oat recipes for your breakfast will help you lose more pounds than a person who takes less unsweetened breakfast.  Your fast meal in the morning should be sweet as you still maintain fewer calories. Use some natural sweeteners such as honey instead of sugar in your Lipton green tea.

Make use of your dog

Your best friend can actually help you lose some weight as you practice a yoga style we call doga. As you practice yoga at home, use your dog as a prop as you hold your dog over your head. The moves in this yoga session allow you to gain flexibility and therefore, burn calories. The practice also helps you build strength.

Get a dispenser

Though we are advised to take as much water as possible, not many have the discipline to do this. If you get Insink erator dispenser, it will motivate you to take large amounts of water. Providing more than one temperature also prompts you to drink both cold and hot water. Eventually, you will achieve the recommended glasses which are beneficial for weight loss.

Skip a rope

Most people assume that games such as skipping are meant for kids. Aerobics through skipping a rope can help you burn more than 15 calories every minute. Therefore, save yourself membership fee for a gym class by getting a skipping rope for your home practice.


Engage your body by dancing to some loud music regularly to increase your metabolism. This will keep the boredom away and help you be active as your body reacts to the vigorous movements. You can look for some online dancing lessons and practice from home.

Practice indoor cycling

Set up sunny health & fitness bike at your home. Practice indoor cycling every day before you go to work to improve how your organs function. It will help you burn calories and give you toned legs.

Final thoughts

You can see that there are many activities you can practice from your home to help you lose weight without necessarily registering for gym classes. Check out some of the useful products we have discussed on Amazon to help you train efficiently as you have fun from home.




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Written by Chloe Ruiz

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