10 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal in your Healthy Lifestyle


Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon and active charcoal, is a natural substance made of coconut shells and other materials. One should not confuse activated charcoal with the variants used in barbecue grills and other cooking purposes. Activated charcoal is an effective natural remedy for a number of health ailments, most notably for its ability to extract toxins and other chemicals from the body. The natural material can flush out harmful chemicals generated in and on the human body. This extraction or flushing out prevents the re-absorption of the chemicals and toxins by the body. There are many types of activated charcoal available today. Some contain chemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavors as well as toxins. You should stringently avoid such activated charcoal. You must always buy completely natural activated charcoal.

10 Benefits of Activated Charcoal for a Healthy Lifestyle

1.Activated charcoal is a natural teeth whitening remedy. People who have nonporous teeth and maintain impeccable dental hygiene might not have to worry about unpleasant and unsightly stains but many people have yellowish or stained teeth. Wine, coffee, berries and tea are just some of the common culprits. Many foods and drinks lead to plaque buildup. Activated charcoal adsorbs such plaque and other tiny particles staining your teeth. Activated charcoal also restores the pH balance in your teeth, gums and mouth. You can effectively avert bad breath, gum disease and cavities. Using activated charcoal for your teeth and dental health is simple. Brush your teeth routinely as you would and replace toothpaste with activated charcoal twice or thrice every week.

2. Activated charcoal can reduce bloating and prevent gas. It binds on to the various byproducts in typical foods that cause gas. Consuming around five hundred milligrams of activated charcoal around an hour before a particular type of meal that has historically lead to gas or bloating will be helpful. Make sure you drink two glasses of water to properly ingest the activated charcoal.

3. Activated charcoal can adsorb the toxins produced as a byproduct of alcohol. There are many harmful derivatives of alcohol that are produced only when the substance is digested. Activated charcoal can not only get rid of the toxins but can also prevent poisoning. Many people have also reported having fewer or no hangovers as a result.

4. Activated charcoal can target mold and cleanse your body of the dangerous fungus. Mold does grow and thrive on the human body. Exposure to toxic mold can damage liver, kidney and the immune system. You may suffer from depression, headaches and nausea. There can be an impact on brain function, eyes can get irritated and there is a risk of heart and respiratory diseases. Flooded homes, properties with a moisture problem and lack of enough ventilation are more vulnerable to mold growth. Activated charcoal can cleanse mold in your home and eliminate them from your skin. You can use activated charcoal with apple cider vinegar, baking soda, borax or tea tree oil to clean hard surfaces.

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5. Activated charcoal has the ability to extract impurities from water. You can get rid of solvents, industrial waste, chemicals and pesticides. Activated charcoal is used around the world in water filtration systems. Activated charcoal can get rid of fluoride, some heavy metals and various other toxins. But it does not remove bacteria or viruses.

6. Activated charcoal can remove toxins in case of poisoning. Many emergency response systems use it in first aid. Activated charcoal can cling on to ingested organic compounds, mercury, pesticides, bleach ad fertilizer, thereby facilitating their elimination from the body. Activated charcoal can counter overdosing of pharmaceutical and un-prescribed medication, drug overdose such as that of opium, morphine, acetaminophen and cocaine. You can also get relief from food poisoning. Take twenty five grams of activated charcoal if you are an adult. Kids should be given ten to twenty five grams when there are symptoms of food poisoning.

7. Activated charcoal can eliminate toxins from the skin. It can counter body odor, work against acne, provide relief from rashes, insect bites and even snake bites. You can use the activated charcoal in one capsule and mix it with a tinge of carrier oil, preferably coconut oil, and apply it on the rash, bite or ace. You can reapply depending on the severity of the condition. Ensure you wrap the area with a bandage or something as activated charcoal will stain any item it comes in contact with. You should rinse such applications before you reapply. You need to get rid of the harmful materials that the previously applied charcoal has adsorbed.

8. Activated charcoal can cleanse your digestive system, right from the stomach through the small intestine to the colon and flush out the various toxins which would invariably pile up in due course of time. Even if you have the healthiest of diets, eating only organic foods and not indulging in any vice, the gastrointestinal tract will need a cleanse. Activated charcoal is a natural cleanser. You would be effectively detoxified. Make sure you eat organic vegetables and fruits, wild fish and only grass fed meat during the detoxification and cleansing process.

9. Activated charcoal can prevent damage to cells in liver and kidneys. It can ensure your adrenal glands function optimally. It can get rid of toxins that remain in your blood and get circulated throughout the body, some of which may cling onto vital organs. By flushing out all such undesirable elements in your body with the help of activated charcoal, you can retain your youthfulness and remain healthier for many more years than what would be possible otherwise.

10. Activated charcoal can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, thereby naturally helping the levels of good cholesterol. It is actually as effective as prescription medications. However, you should not combine prescription drugs with activated charcoal. Make sure you take the latter two hours before or after taking any medication.


Do not ingest activated charcoal if you are on medication. Check with your doctor if your present medication will interfere with activated charcoal. There can be severe side effects in some cases. Do not buy chemical laden charcoal.



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Written by Mizzy Sanchez

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